What A Luxury Of Kate Middleton Wedding

Wedding is an important thing in the reality of human life. Therefore, no wonder if before holding an impressive wedding need to prepare every case properly and correctly. There are many things that need to be considered in performing a wedding reception, among other wedding invitations, wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding rings and so forth. For Elite of the World who hold the wedding reception, of course, all made as beautiful as possible so it will be memorable for the people in the world, Kate Middleton wedding as an example.

Of course you still remember the phenomenal Kate Middleton and Prince William Wedding in 2011 ago. The wedding held on Friday, April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. This Wedding broadcasted directly into the radio, TV, and internet to the rest of the world. This Wedding is expected to be witnessed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. So, no wonder if this wedding did invite the attention of many people, because it was held very special. The following are some things that are phenomenal in Kate Middleton wedding reception;

Wedding invitation

Certainly the invitation of Kate Middleton and Prince William wedding was made with matters that relating to the royal, which are the symbol of the British royal at the top with the letters E and R-colored gold. The letters are the initials of Elizabeth Regina which refers pad of Queen Elizabeth II who led the UK at this time. Whereas under the heading of the letter are the opening words as follows ”The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by The Queen to invite”. While underneath of this, there is a left blank for write down the name of the invited guests. At the bottom are also listed that the guests must provide their RSVP or response on the invitation. For base color of Kate Middleton wedding invitation is beige or ivory white.

Kate Middleton, Wedding invitation

Kate Middleton Wedding invitation

Wedding ring

Engagement ring and a wedding ring will be remembered for all time. The various models are available for this ring. Moreover the wedding ring that is used world figures are usually worth billions of dollars that always attracted attention of the public.

Wedding Ring, Kate Middleton Wedding Ring

Kate Middleton Wedding Ring

Kate Middleton engagement ring is a ring worn by Lady Diana when engaged to Prince Charles. Prince William asked his future wife is wearing her mother’s ring relic. Because William wants to Lady Diana who has gone remain the part of his life with Kate.

That Kate Middleton wedding ring is a ring made of gold Welsh. This is a rare precious metal that has become part of the tradition of royal wedding since 1923. The ring is made of sapphires and diamonds that have a value of 32 million pounds.

Kate Middleton accessories

Kate Middleton wedding dress is designed by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen fashion house. This dress became very graceful as a floral lace at the shoulders and arms. There is also the bodice Lace made with a special technique called Carrickmacross. Every detail of the lace and flowers formed combined with ivory silk tulle for create a unique design.

Kate Middleton wedding shoes

Kate Middleton wedding shoes

While for Kate Middleton wedding shoes, she wore shoes made by hand by a team of Alexander McQueen. Those ivory shoes are made from satin with embroidered lace detail by the Royal School of Needlework.

Wedding flowers

Every wedding usually presents a variety of fragrant and beautiful flowers to adorn the bride at the altar. The brides usually choose romantic flowers with white or pink. White means holy, this illustrates how sacred is the celebration that they would do. Likewise Kate Middleton who choose white flowers which accompany Kate ranging from blessing in Westminster Abbey, a trip in a horse carriage toward Buckingham Palace, until the wedding kiss on the palace balcony.

Kate Middleton Wedding flowers

Kate Middleton Wedding flowers

Kate Middleton wedding flowers, surely not arbitrarily chosen. The flowers have significance on her wedding day. The flowers are selected are Flower Lily of the valley which a lot of growing in the UK, Myrtle Flowers which became the favorite of Queen Victoria, and sweet William flowers which is the same as the name of her husband.

Wedding cake

As we know there are various unique things of Prince William and Kate wedding, ranging from invitations, gowns, to wedding cakes. Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding cake valued at $ 80 thousand, the price was fantastic for a cake. This wedding cake was designed by Fiona Cairns. The cake was made from raisins, walnuts, fruit Cherrie, lemon, grated orange, French brandy. Lace decoration on the cake was inspired by the wedding dress. This luxurious Kate Middleton wedding cake has eight levels with a layer of ice and 900 charming white flower shaped sugar.

Kate Middleton Wedding Cake

Kate Middleton Wedding Cake

Marriage is so happy moment for everyone, including William prince and Kate Middleton wedding which was very interesting to follow. The various luxuries presented that make people amazed. Each detail presented very well and perfect.

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