Walmart Bakery Wedding Cakes: Alternative for Rustic Wedding

For some people, the idea of buying Walmart bakery wedding cakes for their special days may sound weird and not doing the special day justice. These people (and probably you) think that wedding is a special day that deserves expensive, special cakes. However, with current financial situation and the trend of modern practicality, cheap wedding cakes are back in rage. Surprisingly, Walmart bakery has quite good selections of cheap wedding cakes.

wedding cakes at walmart bakery


How Much to Spend on Walmart Wedding Cake

Many standard wedding cakes from good bakeries cost about $5 per slice, and something made by cake designer such as Sylvia Weinstock can cost as much as $20 per slice, or even more. However, most Walmart bakery wedding cakes cost only a little more than $1 per slice, which are great for anyone who wants decent wedding cake for their special days, but without breaking their wallets.

While Walmart bakery is definitely not something to buy super luxurious cake, but many of the cakes are quite decent for low budget wedding parties, and they come in various flavors, filings, designs and color themes. Some are with icing cream, and others are in fondant.

Tips before Buying Walmart Wedding Cake

Walmart wedding cakes are not luxurious cakes, but they are great enough for regular wedding parties. If you are only able to buy wedding cake from Walmart bakery, do not need to feel dejected because wedding cake is definitely not something many people would remember from a wedding party. The most important thing is finding the best cake that suits the party theme and both spouses are agree about.

Make sure you already make outlines about the cake colors, filing, flavors, and details of decorative elements, so you can browse the bakery for the right cake. Walmart bakery wedding cakes are not luxury options, but they are definitely great for low to medium budget parties.

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