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Vera Wang Bridal 2015 is real tough company in Bridal Industries. Vera Wang  really works hard to achieve her dream to become a successful designer. She began her career as a female skater costume figure. Until October, 2001, she released her book about wedding gown, and got popularities since then as a wedding gown designer. Nowadays, Vera Wang’ bridal is really famous worldwide. She is not a conventional wedding gown designer which is used the conventional style in designing a gown.

She even made a stunning black gown dress. Yes, black gown. As we know that black is really unusual for wedding but she use that color and produce the sensational gown. The style of the gown is really enjoyed by the customer. For the new Vera Wang Bridal 2015, she designs a new catalog of her wedding gown collection. For fall season in 2015, she is focusing on the modernity of her gown. She said that her gown for fall season has sexy, sensual, young, cool, and beaded theme.

The Transition of the design from season to season

The design of Vera Wang Bridal 2015 is more modern although she is still using a conventional shape combine with modern color. Her design has a sense of dreamer, to make the bride wear her gown become more prestigious. The example of the Vera Wang Bridal 2015 fall season gown is lace appliqué wedding gown. This gown is really sweet with the lace which is spread out from the neck until the bottom of the gown. The next is a metallic appliqué wedding gown which is focusing on the use of metallic color which is really looks glamour and also there is a gown which is called flower appliqué wedding gown. This gown is full of flower ornament which is so cute and matched perfectly for young bride.

Besides designing for fall season, Vera Wang Bridal 2015 also design gowns for spring/summer season. In this season, her design is back to white classic theme which is still glamour and eye catching. She describes her design as delicate, discipline, seductive and sensual. The example of her gown for spring/summer season is sleeveless wedding gown with a v-neckline, low back, and halter straps. This gown is so sexy. With v neck and low back will show the bride sexiness to the world and also there is tulle ball wedding gown with a long sleeve lace bodice and cut-out back detail. This dress is really complex design, fabulous, and showing the modernity of the gown user. Those are the example of wedding gown that will be a bestselling on Vera Wang Bridal 2015.

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