Various Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Wedding ceremony ideas always describe to the bride’s personality and desires. Wedding style can be determined by looking at some of the concepts such as weddings outdoors, indoors wedding, casual wedding and also the wedding time. By looking at all of these aspects then, you can determine the type of wedding ceremony that is most appropriate. After that, you can define the concept of marriage to include couples. The following is some kind of wedding ceremony ideas.

Warm and Intimate Wedding 

Characteristic of warm wedding ceremony ideas is usually followed by a limited invitation. The bridge wants to hold a wedding ceremony involving family members and close friends. The concept of the place and the decor created to support this event. Events such as poetry readings, speeches for the bride of the parents, and the wedding vow will be done with a very intimate and relaxed.

Warm, Intimate Wedding

Intimate Wedding

Formal Wedding Ceremony

This became the symbol of marriage as a bond between the groom and the woman who made ​​the pastor intermediaries. Wedding dress hanging down and accompaniment music has always been the main subject. When the ceremony has finished, the bride throws flowers to all invitations will be a very interesting part of the show.

Formal Wedding

Formal Wedding Ceremony

Beach Wedding Ceremony

The beach is still favorite wedding ceremony ideas. Alloys of time and the beauty of the beach has always been a desire of all people. To perform this kind of wedding, you can determine the type of beach that will be used as a wedding venue. Consider the time; usually a lot of brides who prefer at sunset then the event will be followed by a party into the night. However, choosing a time when the morning could also be an interesting idea.

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Ceremony

Everyone can choose the type of wedding ceremony ideas in accordance with the dream. Also, the bride can choose the wedding idea of the origin country. A part that must be considered in choosing this concept is the decoration, the concept of ceremony and music. Music and photography will be an interesting part in the entire concept of marriage. Music will describe married life and a warm atmosphere during the wedding ceremony. The photography is the most beautiful part to store memories.

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