Unforgettable Wedding Reception, Don’t Torture Your Guest

Your big day is around the corner. Every little details must be check for completion. The dress, the food, the wedding hall, and many more. Usually there is something that slip on the bride and groom mind. The guest. Yes, the guests are important element that will add to your memorable and unforgettable wedding reception.

Unfortunately, many guest usually having some anxiety when they are attending a wedding reception, no matter how big and glamour the wedding reception is. Why? Why not. They have to wear formal attire that not comfortable, put a lot of effort in doing make up, having small talk with some stranger, follow all the little things that the wedding planner demands of them such as dancing with a song they don’t know or photo session that takes a lot of social awkwardness.

Of course, you wouldn’t want something like that happen to your supposed to be unforgettable wedding reception. The reception must be perfect, for both the couple and the invited guest. Lucky, nowadays, some boring and full awkwardness that can be happen already lured out. There won’t be the need to do some breaking bread over the bride head things again in some wedding reception. How about for the other rituals then? Let’s find out one by one.

Wedding Cake’s Disaster

One of the unforgettable wedding reception ritual that will snap into the camera is either eat the wedding cake or smear the wedding cake. Usually, the wedding cake will be prepared as beautiful as it can get, just for the sake of the wedding picture. Cut the cake, one spoon of cake to each other, cake slices to the family, and leave the cake like that. The awkward moment is, should the guest also eat the cake or not. Is the cake will be wrap and deliver to home. What about the rest of the cake?

Wedding Cake

Eat the cake

The more awkward moment is when the bride and the groom start smearing the frosting of wedding cake to each other and then to their guest. Oh yes, its unforgettable wedding reception alright, make up and beautiful expensive dress ruined because this ritual.

Bouquet Toss

Every unforgettable wedding reception has this one ritual. Toss the bouquet. Luckily some of the wedding planner already erased this thing in their wedding ceremony ritual. Why? Don’t imagine, a bouquet toss will be happen like in the movie, where the single bridesmaid still looking pretty before and after the toss. It’s simply a brute fight to capture the bouquet. Seems like every bridesmaid wish is getting marry as soon as possible. Looking at how eager they try to capture the bouquet.

Toss the bouquet

Toss the bouquet

Another problem is coming when you invited your single friend and they come on your unforgettable wedding reception, and they are coming with some hot dates. What should they do? Should they capture the bouquet? Or not? If they are looking too eager, it will be bad. But if they refused to play along, they will be missing their future lovely prospect. Oh, pressure.

Dance Baby Dance

Alright, this is the last ritual on what you should really consider on your coming unforgettable wedding reception. The dance. Make no mistakes, of course a wedding reception without the dance will be awfully boring. I mean, come on, where is the music? Ia this a wedding reception or a funeral?

Wedding dance

Wedding dance

Problem is, sometimes the music is just too cliché and out of the era. This is a wedding reception. It supposed to be fun. So don’t put Adele’s song “Someone Like You” inside the reception. Put some fun music. And for the first dance put up some music that will bring good vibe. Again, remember that this unforgettable wedding reception must be unforgettable for both of the groom and the bride and also for the guest.

So, ready for doing some unforgettable wedding reception?

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