Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations 2015 for the Newlywed

Honeymoon is become a symbol of the intimacy of the couple to celebrate of their day as become the spouse. To celebrate honeymoon, the newlywed will search a good place to spend their time together. There are so many honeymoon destinations 2015 that will make you confuse to choose the suit one but don’t worry some website and BlogSpot has made a review to choose 5 top honeymoon destinations 2015 that can be chosen for the newlywed. Let’s review from the fifth destination.

The list for Top Honeymoon Destinations 2015

The fifth place on the list of top honeymoon destinations 2015 is Pucket, Thailand. There are many romantic places for the couple to express their love such as high class hotels and restaurants with sunset view which is very enjoyable to see. After mesmerizing the sunset, you also can have a romantic candlelight dinner with beach as a background. Beside the high class hotel and restaurant, the beach that has beautiful scenery is the special gift that Pucket can gives to the newlywed. The Next is Bali, Indonesia. Bali is very well-known in worldwide because of the culture, stunning architecture, beautiful sand white beaches and the landscape of nature and one of the best honeymoon destinations 2015 in Indonesia. For the newlywed, you can explore the Balinese culture and culinary, enjoying the beach and the sunset, and also playing with the sands and waves together. It is the moment that can not be bought by money. It is the moment of sharing your love with your spouse.

The third place hold by Bahama, Carribean Archipelago. There are over 700 small islands that can be visited for the 2015 honeymoon destinations by the newlywed to spend their time together in Bahama. For example Acklins & Crooked island. This island is offering peaceful and beauty of the nature. You can sit down and watch the romantic panorama with your spouse here. The nature will bring calmness to you and your spouse when you starting a new chapter of your life. The second is Maldives. If honeymoon is mean celebrating of love in peaceful, secluded and romantic places, then Maldives has provides all of them. There are endless ways that Maldives gives to you to celebrate the honeymoon such as good beaches, resort, and spa that will comfort you to the max.

The First destination for 2015 honeymoon destinations is Bora Bora in Pacific Ocean. Bora – Bora Island is really stunning and wonderful. The beaches, the volcanoes, the nature, the coral, and marine life are fantastic. A honeymoon in Bora – Bora will truly become a unique and unforgettable moment for the newlywed. Bora – Bora also has a unique resort which is created above the sea water. All you want to be explored in your honeymoon is almost provides at this place.

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