Tips for Buying and Caring Amethyst Engagement Rings

For people across the globe, amethyst engagement rings are quite well-known. Amethyst is a name of precious gemstone, which has been around since early of centuries. Nearly all non-diamond treasured and semi-treasured stones tend to have special symbolical or historical links. That is also the case with, for example, rubies, sapphires, pearls, and emeralds, to name just a few. Amethyst engagement rings have no difference, in that these legendary rings come with their unique back story.

Amethyst engagement rings are certainly valued for its amethyst stone, which has very beautiful color and beauty. The stone is currently used all over the world to create a variety of jewelries not only for women, but also for men. In lots of cultures, amethyst is thought as a crystal emitting positive energy. Moreover, many even believe that this gem has power to cure a number of health issues including headaches, insomnia and even help alleviating mental health problems. Amethyst is also believed to bring prosperity and peace to the household. No wonder, amethyst engagement rings are quite high in demand, and thus, popular even today.

Story behind the amethyst engagement rings

Some believe that the name ‘amethyst’ on Amethyst engagement rings was derived from the ancient Greek word for ‘sober’, which means something could preventing people from getting drunk. In the the second most agreeable theory, however, the name came from oral storytelling, and might be substantially more alluring to couples who have selected amethyst engagement rings. According to the story telling the legend of the amethyst came in the old days when referring a mortal young Amethyst, a maiden on her way tribute to goddess of virgins and hunter, Diana.

Types of Caring Amethyst Engagement Rings

1) Green amethyst engagement ring

green amethyst engagement ring

green amethyst engagement ring

2) pink amethyst engagement ring

pink amethyst engagement ring

pink amethyst engagement ring

3) Purple amethyst engagement ring

purple amethyst engagement ring

purple amethyst engagement ring

4) White gold amethyst engagement ring

white gold amethyst engagement ring

White gold amethyst engagement ring

Tips for buying amethyst engagement rings

Prior to deciding to invest your hard earned money on any Amethyst engagement rings, it is important to ensure that the stone used for the ring is a real Amethyst, not the fake one. Also it is important to make sure the stone is free from blemish or mark, which could decrease its value or beauty. It is also essential that you buy the Amethyst engagement rings only a trustworthy and reputed jewelry shops. It is also possible to purchase from trusted online sites especially selling amethyst jewelries. Remember that the best quality amethyst stone is the one mined in Siberia. Therefore, it is good that you go for a ring made of Siberian amethyst.

If your budget is a bit tight, it is good to choose amethyst engagement rings with amethyst gems mined in Uruguay or Bahrain. Although the quality of these stones are not as high as the those found in Siberia, their price is relatively lower. Factors that determine the price of the amethyst jewelry also include the color of the gems and the kinds of deep colors of the amethyst. For example, the blue and violet colors  have the highest price. Certainly style, design and size also contribute to the price of of the rings.

Tips for caring amethyst engagement rings

After the purchase, it is also essential to take a good care of your Amethyst engagement rings. This is a way to preserve its beauty and longevity. Regular cleaning is also important to make sure that their luster and shine is not lost with time. that is why the first important thing is to ensure that the amethyst engagement rings are always clean. In other words, the rings should be cleaned from accumulated oil, dirt and other impurities. For cleaning the stone, a very soft brush can be used. If proper cleaning is required, then a mild soap which contains no harmful chemicals could be added.

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