Things Every Bride Must Do Before The Big Day

Starting wedding preparations, 3 months before the Wedding reception will allow the bride to decide exactly how her body, hair, nails and skin will look on the wedding day, and as importantly, will create best wedding photos and/or film, for the rest of life! Here is some things that every bride must do before walk down the aisle.

Take Care of Your Hair

The first step of wedding preparation is taking care of the beautiful hair. Awesome bridal locks requires just a little love and devotion. We all know that many hair treatment like washing, blow-drying, and heat-styling daily makes an awfully messy hair, full of split ends hairs and little broken pieces of hair that stick up on the scalp.

Wedding, Hair Style

Hair Styles for your wedding

Three months prior to the wedding, start taking care of the beautiful hair with inside out treatment. Some experts believe that a Vitamin B diet will make the bride hair look shiny and gorgeous. Because dull hair is actually a symptom of Vitamin B deficiency.

How to do this wedding preparation? It’s easy, just add nuts, eggs, and fish on the menu of daily meals. That will settle. Do it daily and little by little the hair will look gorgeous.

For the outside treatment, do some relaxing scalp massage and conditioning treatment around 4 weeks prior to the wedding. This kind of treatment will not only will feels good, but will also stimulates the hair follicles.

This wedding preparation steps can be done even after the wedding over for the beautiful and glowing hair. And be careful, despite what many hair treatment products claim, there is nothing that can repair damaged ends hair. So, once your hair breaks, get a trim as fast as you can.

Make Your Body Perfect

Every bride has to have a great body and stamina in their big day. That’s why, second step for the wedding preparation is to make the body perfect. For this matter, the bride doesn’t have to lift a heavy weight and do crazy exercise, just consume a daily multivitamin that can work wonders. Multivitamins also can increase energy factor, making wedding planning and preparation work become easier.

Beautiful skin, wedding

Beautiful skin wedding for your weddng preparations

From the outside treatment, the skin of the bride’s body will benefit regular moisturizing cream and exfoliation. Remove an active acne with the helped of medicated cleansing products and regular skin care routines. However, before doing so, consult to the skin doctor several months prior the wedding day to ensure the best result from the treatment and medicine.

Let’s Do Waxing!

The third step is to do some waxing. There are several type of waxing that can be done, such as Bikini, Underarm, Hollywood, or Brazilian wax. And if you haven’t do that before, you really should have to do this step of wedding preparation two or three months before the wedding. First time doing waxing can caused some bruise, red marks on the skins, and swelling. So, it’s better that you’ve already do that three months before the wedding. The next waxing can be two or one week before the wedding. It will be less painful and the bride to be will already knows exactly how long the discomfort feeling will last.

Waxing wedding


Dark Circles

The last and not least step for the wedding preparation is taking care of the eyes. After all, the bride’s eyes is the jewel of the soul. The most important task a bride must do is to get plenty of rest and good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep will create darkness and puffiness under the eyes, redness on the eyes, and all of that will make you not look fresh and awesome. To avoid this, use some eye cream every time you wanna sleep at night and compress it with lemon or cool packs. During the wedding day, avoid every salty food. It will make your beautiful eyes look swollen.

Dark circle

Taking care of the eyes

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