Themes for Gothic Wedding Dresses

Do you wear a special theme at the wedding? Gothic theme could be one of the very interesting themes. Various performances were out of line can bring a lot of comments. But you will find it to be creative and dare to show the actual personal value. The distinctive feature is the use of the color black gothic in a larger size than the other combinations of colors. You can apply this style to all elements of the wedding. But one of them you have to be smart in choosing gothic wedding dresses. This wedding dress can be made while still having a groove like other bridal apparel. You can choose the basic shape of a wide skirt to sweep the floor and add some accessories such as feathers or gothic makeup. Here are some inspiration gothic wedding dresses that you can choose.

Full Gothic

Do you people who feel confident? A wedding dress made ​​from a combination of taffeta, tulle and lace with full black color. Even accents decorate the dress seen on the arm are also shown in black. The only bright part is the accent color of roses located on top of the first layer of tulle material. And although the decoration can be selected by another color then it will still be less than the color black. This sleeveless dress blends perfectly with the skin on the top. And this impression wedding dress gothic wedding depicts a bold and sharp strap too warm.

Gothic wedding dresses, gowns square

Gothic wedding dresses gowns square

The Combination Of Two Colors

A gothic wedding dress does not have to be made with a completely black. The combination of the two colors is needed with a smaller capacity. The top of the dress is formed by a beautiful corset can be selected with the color purple or red. Slightly accented with floral embroidery on the bodice explained that remain fully themed gothic gown. The addition of lace accents on the bodice with white color also indicates the sanctity of marriage.

Combination 2 collor, Wedding Dress

Combination 2 collor Wedding Dress

Red and Black

Black and red color always will be a legend for a gothic wedding theme. These two colors can be used with the same combination. When the red color has more servings then it also illustrates the theme of the gothic. Meanwhile, if the red color is selected in the limit then the slightly gothic theme will still stand out. Model depicting contemporary wedding dress tulle torn at the bottom is very suitable for a wedding with a Halloween theme. This model is increasingly evident with the use silhouette on the bodice is fully made ​​with black color.

Red and Black Gothic, wedding dresses

Red and Black Gothic wedding dresses

Vintage and Gothic

The past can be a beautiful memory. You can describe the vintage wedding with a strong gothic feel. This marriage will form two distinct but can be seen perfectly. Vintage dress has a very strong characteristic. This dress just looks like the usual evening dress. Only two layers of chiffon that forms the body and looks very soft. Each time the bride moved the accent fabric that simple look so special. Combination with the lace at the chest to the arm is very suitable for a wedding that is warm and charming.

Vintage and gothic, wedding Dress

Vintage and gothic Wedding Dress

Marriage with gothic style can be done by anyone. The use of various kinds of ornaments with black color for a wedding dress cannot block the warmth of the wedding. You can also add some accents clearer for makeup and accessories. The use of nail polish, feathers or small hats could also explain a theme. However, you can combine all these gothic wedding dresses with bright flower colors.

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