The Various Models Of Wedding Cake Designs

In holding a wedding, there are a lot of things to be prepared ranging from wedding dress, wedding rings to wedding cakes. Today cakes for wedding become an important part of a wedding. for the bride and groom choose the cake for wedding is not an easy thing to do, apart from wanting to get cake with good taste, the garnish and decorating cake became an important attention in finding a suitable cake. At this moment, there were a lot of wedding cake ideas that you can order in a variety of bakery or something.

Currently cake has become one of the unforgettable menus in a wedding party. And there is no doubt that this time that the wedding cake creations are so varied in terms of models, taste and size. The right choice in choosing the cake will give a special feel for the wedding party organized. The following are some fantastic wedding cake designs which you can consider for your disposal in your wedding;

1) Chocolate cakes

One of the cake that is suitable for your wedding chocolate cakes. Chocolate flavors are generally favored by many people, from children to adults. Besides that, many people say that chocolate is a symbol of love. It was proven when Valentine’s Day arrives; the lovers give chocolate to their partner. Therefore chocolate cake is very suitable for wedding. You can order chocolate wedding cake were simple but still looks stunning for your wedding. For example, by designing a chocolate wedding cake with heart shape, while at the top you can decorate it with chocolate formed as romantic roses flower.

chocolate wedding cake, chocolate wedding cakes

chocolate wedding cake

2) Cupcake

Cake with a combination of small and beautiful cupcakes is making your wedding became cheerful and full of charm. Besides that, it also will make the guests interested. You can make a unique and beautiful cupcake wedding cake as in the picture. A cupcake with a combination of black, white and green that looks cheerful and delightful. You can also give a flower decoration or butterfly on the top. Some tiny cupcakes arranged in a circle, made ​​into several levels.

cupcake wedding cake

cupcake wedding cake Ideas

3) Cheesecake

Cheesecake is known as the wedding cake for the west culture. It is true that the cake which decorated with a sprinkling of cheese is very teasing and attractive to the viewer. There are various models and flavors of cheesecake wedding cakes, strawberry cheesecake for example. That cheese cake shaped rectangular is fairly simple but still looks stunning. While at the top of the cake is the cheese that sprinkled evenly. And there are some strawberries that will add to the beauty of the cake.

cheesecake wedding cake

cheesecake wedding cake

4) Butterfly cakes

Butterfly is the romantic animal. Therefore there is no harm if you make a cake with butterfly shaped or with a butterfly decorative in your wedding. Butterfly wedding cakes with pink color looked very cheerful. With butterfly decoration from the bottom to the top, it looks like a real butterfly that is perched on top of the cake.

Butterfly wedding cake

Butterfly wedding cake

 5) Waitrose

Waitrose wedding cake is deserves to be called as the most elegant and charming cake. Even Kate Middleton with Prince William chose this cake as a cake for their wedding. You can choose a variety of shapes and taste of this cake. For example by arranging some cake into several levels, then give a white rose decoration between them.

waitrose wedding cake

waitrose wedding cake Ideas

The cake is a thing that cannot be ignored in a wedding party. It feels incomplete a wedding without a cake, because the cake will be the main attraction for the guests. Therefore choose the right wedding cake designs that fit the theme of your wedding.

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