The Unique of Wedding Ring Tattoos Models

Weddings ring is a very important thing for those who are getting married. Generally, this one thing will be the witness of love between two couples. So do not be surprised if a lot of couples want the perfect wedding ring in their wedding. Wedding ring is expected to last forever, not damaged and not disappears. Therefore now there is a new model of the weddings ring, it is wedding ring tattoos.

The excess of this model wedding ring is that the wedding ring will not be damaged and will not disappear because it will stick forever in the fingers. The shapes or images from this wedding ring can more freely than the wedding ring in general. Here are a few models of wedding ring tattoos that are commonly used;

1) Initial of Name

The most common model used for most couples is the wedding ring tattoos with initials name. You can engrave your name and your spouse own. By that way, you will always remember your spouse which will certainly help to avoid you to do the prohibited actions.

Initial of Name ring tattoo

Picture of Initial of Name ring tattoo Ideas

2) Wedding Date

The wedding date is the historic date for the life of couple. By perpetuating the wedding date as wedding ring, then you will not forget when your anniversary day arrived. This ring can you describe in the front and rear of your finger. This tattoo is usually written in black ink with roman letters.

Wedding Date ring tattoo

Picture of Wedding Date ring tattoo ideas

3) 2 Reiku symbol

This wedding ring tattoos model have the meaning of eternity love. If this is not observed by well, the people who see it will not be thought that it is a symbol of the bond of marriage because of the tattoo does not have meaning at first glance.

2 Reiku Symbol, Tattoos Wedding ring

Picture of 2 Reiku Symbol Tattoos Wedding ring

4 Simple Heart Shape

Simple heart shape chosen because of the heart is the symbol of love. The couples who choose this model wedding ring wish in order their heart may be united forever.

simple heart wedding ring tattoo, Image of simple heart wedding ring tattoo

Image of simple heart wedding ring tattoo

5) Circular Ring With A Decorative Heart In The Middle

The hearts image on this wedding ring is allowed colorless. This wedding ring tattoos have the great meaning. They say that this decoration will symbolize the extraordinary love for the couple.

Circular Ring tattoo, Circular Ring tattoo ideas

Image of Circular Ring tattoo, wedding ring tattoo ideas

6) Cute heart

The form of this wedding ring was simple. The heart shape by black frame and filled by red ink has extraordinary meaning for the couples. Red heart is a symbol of a burning love. It was sweetened by heart shape and a curved point beside the heart.

Cute red heart, wedding Tattoo

Cute red heart wedding Tattoo picture ideas

7) Red Heart and Swings

This wedding ring tattoos model is quite remarkable. Hearts symbolize love, while the wings can be a symbol of that love will bring happiness to fly beyond the sky.

Heart with swings, wedding tattoo

Heart with swings wedding tattoo image

8) Heart With Crown

This tattoo consists of the heart shape, which was given a crown above it. Certainly, this tattoo will look beautiful and romantic for the couple.

heart with crown, wedding ring tattoos

heart with crown wedding ring tattoos

9) Heart And Key

Heart and key is the fairly unique design and has a special meaning for its owner. Maybe there is a story behind the selection of these rings. Maybe the groom had to fight very hard to pull the bride heart, but eventually they are united.

Heart And Key, wedding tattoo

Heart And Key wedding tattoo model

10) Unlimited Love

It is a symbol limit in math. This is a symbol of infinite or unlimited, not an inclined lifts eight. By wedding ring tattoos, the couple wants their wedding can through their beginning of the journey and continues the journey by unlimited love.

Every person who is married wants to perpetuate the wedding as one of the most special moments in their life. One of the things that is makes it memorable is a wedding ring. The wedding ring is a marker that the wearer has been married and committed to their spouses. And by the passage of time, it affects everything around us. No exception by weddings ring. Now wedding rings tattoos has become the trend of weddings ring. This tattoo serves to replace the original wedding ring in general.

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