The Luxury Of Famous White Wedding Cake Which Ever Used Some Figure in Their Wedding

The wedding is the happiness moment in a human life. Every married couple certainly wants perfection in the most important event in their lives. So they should pay attention to the details carefully and cautiously. All matters relating to marriage should be romantic, sweet and beautiful. Wedding cake becomes one of the important elements of the wedding sweetener. As we know, the wedding cake is always identical with color white. Because white is symbolizes purity, clean, so at every wedding is always dominated by white color. So is the contained in the white cake, it is intended that the bride and groom love each other forever. The following are some famous white wedding cakes which ever used by the figure in their wedding;

White Wedding Cake – Flowered Wedding Cake

This is a Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding cake which is the wedding became the most luxurious wedding in 1981. This white wedding cake designed by David Avery of the Royal Naval Cookery School. This wedding cake looks so luxurious that decorated with roses and orchids.

Flowered Wedding Cake

Flowered Wedding Cake designed by David Avery

White Wedding Cake – White Wonder

The wedding has become a happy moment for everyone, including Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. For their wedding cake, they choose a nice and luxury white wedding cake. This wedding cake was designed by Fiona Cairns. This magnificent cake has eight levels with white icing and 900 sugar charming flower-shaped. This cake has 17 types of flowers as symbolic. At the sixth level, lily flower decorated cake made ​​of sugar which symbolizes sweetness and humility. While at the seventh level, the wedding cake decorated with roses from English, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil, and Irish shamrock.

White Wonder Wedding Cake, White Wedding Cake

White Wonder Wedding Cake

White Wedding Cake – Gluten Free Cake

Chelsea Clinton with her spouse commemorated their 2010 wedding with an awesome white wedding cake. It is famous for its classic design. On that fancy cake design, there is vanilla fondant which underneath with no gluten-free of chocolate-coated vanilla mousse. This cake is also decorated with 1000 roses, orchids and calla lilies sugar, while its exterior was all white.

Chelse Clinton Gluten Free Cake

Chelse Clinton Gluten Free Cake

White Wedding Cake – Floral Wedding Cake

The comedian Eddie Murphy and a beautiful model Nicole Mitchell married in 1993 and they had a fantastic and romantic wedding cake. They used white wedding cake that decorated with lots of flowers all over the cake.

Floral Wedding Cake, White Wedding cake

Floral Wedding Cake

White Wedding Cake – Grand Marnier Wedding Cake

The wedding of Donald Trump and Melanie Knauss is famous with their white ​​wedding cake that called Grand Marnier chiffon. This cake has a height of five meters and a diameter of 32 inches which is covered with three thousand white icing roses and filled with Grand Marnier Buttercream.

Grand Marnier White Wedding Cake

Grand Marnier White Wedding Cake

Not only to complement the wedding ceremony or reception for the invited guests, on the other hand has the wedding cake also had a so deeply meaning. In selecting a wedding cake is not only determined by the selection of colors and wedding theme, but you also have to specify the design of the cake with all the accessories. White wedding cakes might be your choice. The color is neutral, so it makes it easier to provide all the decorations and accessories.

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