The Kind Of Purple Wedding Flowers And Their Meaning

Wedding is always associated with a wide variety of ornamental flowers decoration. As we have seen, the bride usually carries flower bouquets at their wedding. Wedding bouquets will definitely be very beautiful if assembled with a beautiful series that fit perfectly for your wedding day. Generally, the bride chose white flowers because white is a symbol of purity, and the purity of love. However currently, wedding flower should not be white, but many other miscellaneous, purple for example. The following are several purple wedding flowers and their meaning:

1) Purple Orchid flower

Bouquets will add romantic and elegant atmosphere at a wedding. Flower bride will be the center of everyone’s attention in the room. Thereby, choosing the most beautiful choice of fresh flowers is essential to achieve that purpose. Purple orchid flower is a beautiful purple wedding flower which will be an incredible touch on the wedding. The purple orchid flowers symbolize love and incredible beauty.

Purple Orchid flower, Purple Orchid flower Ideas

Purple Orchid flower

2) Purple Carnation flower

Carnation is a versatile flower that can be found in various types of flower arrangements. Carnation literally translates to Flower of the gods’ or ‘Flowers of love’. Flowers are known for durable, it comes adorn so many places one of purple wedding flowers. In general carnation signifies emotions such as love, respect and strong appeal.

Purple Carnation Wedding Flower Ideas

Purple Carnation Wedding Flower Ideas

3) Purple Lilac flower

There are many purple flowers that can be used as wedding flower, Purple lilac flower one of them. This is the most famous flower in Poland. Lilac believed to be a harbinger of spring. Lilac purple flowers became a symbol of first love.

Purple Lilac Wedding Flower Ideas

Purple Lilac Wedding Flower Ideas

5) Purple Tulip flower

Tulip is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This flower comes from Persia and Turkey. Tulip flower which is known to have bright colors, it is no wonder that these flowers frequently used as purple wedding flowers. Purple Tulip flower is one of the many types of tulips. Tulip bouquet symbolizes luxury and elegance, while Purple tulip flower symbolizes nobility.

Purple tulip wedding flower, Purple tulip wedding flower ideas

Purple tulip wedding flower ideas

6) Purple Rose flower

Rose is classified as beautiful flowers in great demand. So, do not be surprised if the rose be the first choice for the wedding reception. This flower also symbolizes beauty and extraordinary female beauty, while shades of purple roses show the atmosphere of the majesty and grandeur.

Purple Rose flower for Wedding

Purple Rose flower for Wedding Ideas

7) Purple Aster flower

The name Aster comes from the Greek word which means star. Aster has long been known as stunning flowers in the wedding. In addition to the glamour, this flower is also impressive of purity and graceful appearance. Aster flowers are generally symbolized love, beauty, and patience. Aster also symbolized as eternal affection and respect attitude. There for choose purple aster for your purple wedding flower so that your affection last forever.

Aster Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

Aster Purple Wedding Flower, Symbolize Your Affection

Flowers are very suitable symbolizes the beauty and the happiness, and the romance in the wedding. Besides being used to decorate the room, flowers will also be carried by the bride. Maybe it’s become a common thing if the bride carries a white flower bouquet in their hands. So if you want different and modern style wedding, you can try purple wedding flower in your wedding.

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