The Fact of the Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

Do you remember the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton? This marriage illustrates the unity of love between ordinary people who married a prince. In an order, the royal bride will be the king’s daughter. Until now this kind of marriage is still regarded as in a fairy tale wedding. You can see from some of the love story of Cinderella or other classic fairy tales. Although part is when a woman is equated from the ordinary people could marry a prince of the kingdom. Part wedding between Kate and William is look like a repetition of the history of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer III. Grace Kelly was an artist from among the common people and be a royal princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainer III. Like when we remember Cinderella dress with style then everyone would say that the wedding of Grace Kelly to undergo such a fairytale wedding. So, if we look to uncover some facts worthy of Grace Kelly wedding dress? The following is a brief description of some of the beautiful and romantic wedding princess and prince.

Grace Kelly Wedding Dress Design

Everyone who saw the wedding photos of Grace Kelly agreed that it was a magnificent wedding dress. A wide variety of design concept has always been an inspiration to this day. Wedding dress Kelly wore long sleeves with a form that shows an elegant taste of the king’s daughter dresses. The arms are fused to the neck makes a characteristic that is very sharp on the wedding dress of the nobles. This dress is completely made ​​of silk. Even the use of silk to more than four meters indicates a very beautiful dress. Not only that, the other accents illustrated with nets strung with silk tulle and lace. Circular skirt with a basic design expands to make Grace Kelly look very graceful when walking. This dress is the result of a Helen Rose design hand.

wedding Kelly dress

Wedding Kelly dress

Best Accent On Waist

If you observe all the classic photo of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress then do not miss the beautiful waist. Kelly has a very attractive posture. This was shown by separation at the waist with an accent like wearing ties down to the rear. Silk ties were not made ​​with thin volume but by the volume of a wider, so that the beauty of the top of the stand. The use of this accent forming is very beautiful silhouette when Grace Kelly walked down the aisle.

Best accent on waist, Kelly Wedding Dress

Best accent on waist Kelly Wedding Dress

Simple V Collar

Do you see some differences in the style of Grace Kelly wedding dress with some sort of modern dress today? If we are compare the look on the top. The entire top dress Grace Kelly closes. Even a small V collar accents made ​​of a series of lace that still gives a very beautiful design touches. Part of beads look like small buttons show dress with a very high social class. However this is a wedding dress for a princess.

Simple V Collar Grace Kelly, wedding dress

Simple V Collar Grace Kelly wedding dress

Inspiration From Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

So, if you want to have a wedding dress like Grace Kelly or Kate Middleton? In between the two options you can choose the most convenient to the body. Of course nothing forbids you to wear the same dress. But if you have to adjust to the style of today’s modern wedding then it could provide a change in dress. You can form the basis of a dress with the same balloon. But give a different accent to the top. Dress with lace models to cover up the arms will look beautiful with corset models. The addition of the ribbon at the waist can be made to the extent the chest.

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