Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

Sterling silver wedding bands are very common today, yet their history has started long time ago. Jewelry, in different shapes and forms, has been an important part of human life. Even in the ancient days, it was used to boost the elegance and charisma of men and women in the society. precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, and white gold and silver have been used to make wedding band, one of the most indispensable items of jewelry.

Why sterling silver wedding bands

The fact shows that sterling silver wedding band are the most popular of all such bands you can find today. It is not only because they are economically priced, but also because they come in so many designs and patterns. Regardless their various models, most of these silver bands are made of particular silver composed of 92.5% pure silver and around 7.5% copper, so that it is called sterling silver.

Sterling silver wedding bands are popular and among them them most well known styles include the braided bands and Celtic patterns. Today many people prefer the sophisticated appearance of silver in combination with diamonds, which is quite fashionable.

Among the reasons why sterling silver wedding band popular is because it is a fresh new concept appealing to persons who own more contemporary tastes. The next reason for their increasing fame is their low price. Moreover, it is easy to inscribe re-size them when required. It is actually because compared to some other metals sterling silver is more malleable due to a lower melting point.

Various designs of Sterling silver wedding bands

Some designs of these sterling silver wedding bands can fit for both men and women, although there are some particular ones designed for men or for women. Other models and styles well known in silver rings are – cable and Figaro, curb, snake, rope, and herringbone. Depending on the needs and preferences of buyers, there are a number craftsmen specializing in customized sterling silver wedding band. Fine craftsmanship is obviously visible in the sparkle and the complexity of design of the wedding band.

Sterling silver wedding bands are available in 4 mm, 6mm and 8mm. The price of them usually are affordable causing increasing popularity among all classes of people. A significant rise in the number of wholesale jewelry vendors as well as retail stores over the years is an evidence of the worldwide demand of these types of bands. Available in various quality, the Sterling silver wedding bands not only exhibit high craftsmanship and appear beautiful; in lending a special charm to the event they play a vital role too.

* Unique sterling silver wedding bands

Nowadays, we can find wedding bands made of a variety of materials ranging from the traditional yellow gold to modern titanium. However, if you wish a fashionable yet tasteful ring which does not cost the world, then the ideal options are the sterling silver wedding rings. In fact, silver bands are in vogue because they gratify sophisticated tastes while ensuring a comfortable fit.

Sterling Silver Ladies

Wedding Sterling Silver for Womens

Genuine 925 Sterling Silver for mens

Genuine 925 Sterling Silver for mens

These sterling silver wedding bands vary in styles with round inside, classic and brushed silver bands. the round inside wedding bands means the bands have rounded inner ends, which make them more comfortable to wear. The brushed silver bands are unique because they are handcrafted exposing a brushed finish for a satiny soft appearance. Most vendors could give a special provision to their customers with the option of having their personalized phrases imprinted or engraved on th sterling silver wedding band.

* White sterling silver wedding bands

sterling silver wedding bands from white metal appear fantastic with a wedding dress, particularly when they are combined with diamonds. In addition, with most formal wear they go better than gold. Certainly at a fraction of the cost of platinum, it is not surprising if sterling silver wedding bands are more popular than ever.

Sterling Silver White, Wedding Band Ring

Sterling Silver White Cz Wedding Band Ring

Sterling Silver Wedding ring, Platinum Plated

Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Wedding ring

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