Simple Cheap Wedding Venues

Marriage is the most lasting memories in people’s lives. Because of that some people make the wedding to be very special. They can spend a lot of money to make a wedding dress from famous fashion designer, wearing a wedding venue with a very expensive rental rates and a wide range of purposes that seemed very special. But if you have a limited budget, then do not feel there is any. There are still a lot of special things you can do even with low funds. One way is to wear cheap wedding venues. Wedding venue becomes a very important part, because it will need to use to tie the knot, greet guests, family and close friends. Even avenues wedding will be the wedding photo background. One of the objects that can be selected is cheap garden wedding venues. Here is some wedding decoration design picture in the garden or park.

Garden Or Park Public Property

Each city can have a beautiful garden. This place can be a beautiful wedding. You can choose some decorations that can make this place look beautiful. City parks or gardens usually are rented at a cheap price. Also you can invite city residents to attend the wedding. Even the bride can be one of the most awaited town residents. This simple design is not too much wear flowers. You only need two main urns which are placed at the rear. Some small flowers can be placed on each edge of the seat. As a marriage agreement then can use two poles are decorated with netting and floral fabrics.

Public Garden Wedding, Cheap wedding venue

Public Garden Wedding Ideas

Green and white

Garden has become one of the very beautiful wedding venues. You can hire an orchard filled with soft grass. You can give two ornaments are white and green colors. Will represent all the colors of green grass and trees you can get the beautiful image. You can make to the white color of the chair and the marriage covenant. For the bridal path can use a sprinkle of white roses. This wedding will look perfect with a beautiful wedding dress depicting romantic atmosphere.

Green and White Theme

Green and White Wedding Theme

Private Wedding Decoration

Do you want to hold the wedding in private? To have a private wedding then you do not need to pay expensive. You can rent a modest garden. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm wedding is what you get in our own way. Usually not many private wedding invite guests, therefore you can make a seat adjacent to each other. Give some roses accent so as to form a beautiful decor and beautiful.

Private Wedding Decoration

Private Wedding Decoration

Marriage at Home Garden

Have you ever thought that a wedding in your backyard can be one of the best weddings? You can have warm memories with family. To provide the decoration can be done in a way that is simple and does not require much cost. The first is that you can choose the most strategic place. Land vacant and overgrown grass wedding will be a very charming place. You can wear your favorite color. Give the accent urns on either side of the wedding. As a decoration for a wedding, then you can set up two pieces of cloth tied with two curved knot. It will be one of the cheap wedding avenues that did not look cheap.

Marriage at Home Garden

Marriage at Home Garden

Red Rose at Forest

Do you really like nature? In fact, you have spent a lot of time with a lover in a forest. If this is the case then choose the most beautiful forest as a wedding venue. This idea may sound crazy, but you can give green accents with red roses so that it can be very romantic wedding venues. A wood shades with white color will blend beautifully with red roses. Meanwhile make each guest entrance is decorated with red rose’s hanger. It would be a beautiful color for a wedding style low price.

Red Rose at Forest, Wedding Venue

Wedding at Red Rose Forest

Choosing cheap wedding avenue should not be done the hard way. Maybe you’ve spent the time to look at the building, a hotel or a special wedding, but the low prices are always providing unsatisfactory services. Instead you are busy to find somewhere cheaper, better if you change the classic places to be one of the most beautiful places for wedding vows.

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