Simple Black And White Wedding Ideas

White has always been the most dominant color in the wedding. This color has a meaningful symbol of purity and elegance. The white color is usually used as a theme for a wedding dress, decoration or invitation. But when you have husband who likes the black color, then this is an opportunity to make a combination. The black color has a symbol to represent curiosity, mystery hidden, self esteem and very deep feelings. The bride and groom can make a combination of the various elements of the wedding. It can start from an important part of the wedding until additional elements that should not be forgotten. In this way, the groom and female could make perfect combination sense. To realize some of your desire, then here are some simple black and white wedding ideas.

Simple Black and White Floor

Bridal who makes wedding blessing ceremony on the chess floor will look very charming. The composition of the floor pattern can be made with black and wavy decoration on the white part. This floor is not made ​​entirely like a chessboard, white color combination made ​​fewer than black. The main floor could be used for the bridal dance, family or guests. This concept is very harmonious when combined with a wedding that is held in the park or garden.

Black and White Floor Wedding

Black and White Floor Wedding Ideas

Black Ribbon Accent for the Wedding Dress

White wedding dress has become the choice of all women. The white color symbolizes purity and elegance. Material white wedding dress is also very easy to find. But if you still want to wear a color combination then pinned a small ribbon at the waist. Bow can be made on the front, side or rear. Let the black ribbon into a beautiful belt. This simple addition can be one of the simple black and white wedding ideas.

Wedding Dress, Black Ribbon Accent

Black Ribbon Accent Wedding Dress

Simple Decorations for Tables

If you make a dinner party concept, various kinds of decorating tables and chairs for guests will be the object of interest. Choose a white and a black cloth to cover the table. Table covered with a black cloth would match with the white cutlery sets. After that do not forget to give a glass which contains wax and add a few flowers. Some flowers are placed in a glass beaker can be made from yarn. Some flower knot which is made from black and white thread will make a beautiful flower on the table.

Black and White , Decorations Tables

Black and White Decorations for Tables

Bridal Bouquet

Flowers are a part that should not be overlooked in a wedding ceremony. Bouquet is usually made from roses, orchids or lilies. But the bride always chooses roses as the flowers that will be thrown when the blessing has been completed. To give the black shades, the flower arrangements can be made with a combination of black ribbon. Arrangement of white roses can be fitted with a black ribbon and add a garnish of synthetic hair black.

Black And White Wedding Flowers

Black And White Wedding Flowers Ideas

Wedding Cake with Black Flowers

Wedding cake usually has a terraced form. Some arrangement cake made from chocolate, vanilla or sponge cake with fruit aromas. However, a simple arrangement of cakes can be made by adding white fondant. Each side of the cake can be added with dark chocolate decoration. Form carved with images of flowers or writing. You can ask for an additional replica on the topper bride.

Wedding Cake, Black Flowers

Wedding Cake with Black Flowers

There are many ways to form simple black and white wedding ideas. The combination of the primary colors and additional colors can be adjusted with the design and concept of marriage. But the best part of this wedding idea is that two people who love each other can come together, although there are many differences including the favorite color. As memories of this wedding, then you can create a wedding photo with black and white concept. Save the best memories of your wedding with simple black and white wedding ideas.

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