Select The Variety of Cupcake Wedding Cakes In Your Special Wedding Day

The wedding cake is a thing that cannot be ignored in a wedding party. In this modern era, a variety designs and flavors of wedding cake are offered from a variety of cake shops. There are many kinds of wedding cake they are chocolate wedding cake, white wedding cakes and also cupcake wedding cakes.

Before determining the design of the wedding cake which would you wants, there is no harm to look for the reference about the latest wedding cake designs. Cupcake wedding cake is the right choice for your memorable wedding. The combination of petite and beautiful cupcakes will make your wedding cheerful and full of charm. Make beautiful design the wedding cake prepared by cupcake variations as you see for your special wedding day. The following are several varieties if you choose cupcake wedding cake for your wedding cake;

Cupcake Wedding Cake – White cupcake

White on the wedding cake usually has a symbol or meaning of the chastity, then white wedding cake is often preferred by many couples of bride. So, if you want white wedding cake as general wedding cake but you also want the different performance, you can choose white cupcake. This is right, if many people said that cupcake wedding cake is the practice wedding cake, because you do not need to cut the cake so you will easier to serve to the guests. But if you want the cutting cake ceremony in your wedding, ask the bakery to make small cakes to be placed at the top of your wedding cake like on that picture. That small cake will be used in the cake cutting ceremony.

White Cupcake Wedding Cake, Cupcake Wedding Cake

White Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcake Wedding Cake – Strawberry cupcake

Generally for bakery, making a cupcake wedding cake is an easy job. May be there are just several things that are relatively complicated in decorating many cupcakes, because it is done one by one and are surely it is usually made ​​in relatively high amounts which is like at that picture. If you select strawberry cupcakes, it will show the cute and cheerful impression for your wedding.

Strawberry Cupcake Wedding Cake

Strawberry Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcake Wedding Cake – Black and white cupcake

Perhaps it is time to have wedding cake which different than usual. Cupcake wedding cake which is becoming a trend at this time could be an option for your wedding, while black and white are become trend colors of wedding at this time. By using black and white cupcakes for wedding cake, the brides show that they are the people which follow the development era.

Black and white cupcakes wedding cake

Black and white cupcakes wedding cake

Cupcake Wedding Cake – Mix cupcake flavor

Cupcake wedding cakes have various privileges than wedding cakes in general, because it can be served with a variety of flavors. As in the picture, the cupcake can be designed with some flavors in the composition of wedding cake. By using a variety of different flavors of cupcakes can be presented, this of course make the guests can find their desired taste.

Mix cupcake Cupcake wedding cake

Mix cupcake Cupcake wedding cake

In a wedding ceremony, wedding cake is often the crucial thing which makes enough hassles in your selection. Currently, cupcake wedding cake is became one which chosen for the wedding cake due to its uniqueness and various virtues.

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