Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas for Reception

Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas – Not all people can have grand wedding in a luxury ballroom, and rustic wedding decoration ideas are often the only options left. However, that does not mean that you are stuck with mediocre party, because there are many ways you can create rustic party that still has special atmosphere and beautiful to look at. It only needs some creativity and stuffs you can get from around the house or bargain store.

Ideas for Rustic Wedding Decorations

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Here are some great simple, rustic wedding decoration ideas that will be memorable for your party:

  • Fake cake sheet for decorative purpose. There are many wedding stores or services that sell fake wedding cake, which looks really just like real wedding cake. They will make your party look more festive, even if you only serve sheet cakes for your guests.
  • Custom labels for cheap wine. If you feel fancy and want to serve some wine bottles, or put some wine bottles on the table, you can buy cheap wine in bulk and add customized labels, such as labels with you and your husband/wife initial monograms.
  • Use milk bottles, mason jars, and other household stuffs as rustic wedding decoration ideas. These are great to bring unique touch in your wedding decoration. Milk bottles can be flower vases for dining tables, mason jars for decorations, glass bowls for treats, and many more.

These are popular ideas you can apply to any wedding theme you want, but still with rustic theme and atmosphere.

How to Get the Party Supplies?

To save money, you can buy wedding party supplies at flea market or bargain store (things such as white plates, glasses for guests, etc). For milk bottles and mason jars, you can even ask your friends and relatives to give you theirs. Secondhand or antique stores also have great stuffs to add authentic, rustic atmosphere into your party. Rustic wedding decoration ideas are great to create great party with low budget.

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