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Purple Wedding Decorations – White is a traditional color theme for wedding party, but modern couples love using non-traditional theme such as purple wedding decorations and themes. Purple might sound quite extreme option for a wedding, and many people perhaps consider it too shocking. However, the key is using the right color composition and the right way to combine colors, shades, and decoration details.

Tips to Use Purple Wedding Decorations

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Here are some useful tips to make well-balanced and beautiful purple wedding decorations:

  • Use monochromatic color theme. Go bold and pick purple as the main theme. To make all look balanced, use different shades of purple. For example, use sheer purple dress, and the bridesmaids use dresses with different shades of purple. Use orchids and lilacs as the bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Pair neutral colors with purple. Pick one or two neutral colors and ‘insert’ them in the middle of various things such as centerpiece, decoration and the bridesmaid dresses and accessories, such as white and beige.
  • Pair purple with colors across the color wheel. You can look at the color wheel and pick colors across the purple shades to give contrasting look. For example, if your color is lavender, the contrasting color is pale yellow.

You can pick one of them or even combine some elements from all these ideas for purple wedding decorations without looking tacky or garish.

What Not to Do with Purple Decorations

Pairing purple with few different colors is nice for balance, but do not use more than three colors as the main party theme. Pick three as your party theme if you want to go with one as main color. For example, you can go with purple, pale yellow, and white as the main color themes; one is the main shade, one is the opposing color in the color wheel, and one is neutral.

Using purple wedding decorations is a nice non-traditional option for wedding, but make sure you keep everything well-balanced.

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