The Best Design of Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses

Do you judge a wedding dress should be chosen with the usual style? Ancient appearance with traditional wedding dress does look pretty. But when you want to get out of a tradition of the modern style wedding dress can be one right choice. Currently find the results of design with the modern concept of marriage can be done easily. Some brides began choosing Pnina Tornai wedding dresses as one full outfit with style. Pnina Tornai wedding dress began issuing draft that has the form and the extraordinary design. All design describes freedom and a bridal fashion. The combination of various forms of decoration and design combinations made ​​out of line. It makes the bride feel getting new ideas. If you want to wear one of Pnina Tornai wedding dresses, then identify all types of design excellence that you will not find from other designs.

Piled Fabric Accents

One of the typical wedding dress designs is efficient fabric and the fabric on the top of the pile at the bottom. Some designers always combine this with a style wedding dress A line or princess shape of a mermaid. But, Pnina Tornai changes all speculation. Piled with fabric accents trumpet dress model has become a very popular trend brides. Each of the selected lace fabric cans combination with silk. The result is a very beautiful skirt piles. Pnina Tornai freely makes creations that are rarely found in other designers. The use accents of lace with floral shapes can make​into corner meetings with ribbon shape. Clothes like these can make a bride look more beautiful and perfect. Brides can forget the entire burden on the wedding day and just smile.

Piled Fabric Accents, Pnina Tornai wedding dress

Piled Fabric Accents Pnina Tornai wedding dress

Transparent and Elegant Models

A wedding dress is only open at the top. This design depicts the bride’s body shape is elegant and beautiful. Many forms of limited neck chest with curved lines on the back into a form that is very common. But a model issued by Pnina Tornai wedding dresses make the bride and groom should feel confident. Corsets are usually made ​​to cover the chest and navel just made ​​into half of it. In closing the navel only wearing a lace cloth pieces were very transparent. If you feel confident to wear this dress models, each accent the dress will look very beautiful. Brides can make all the guests feel jealous because she became the most beautiful and sexy.

Transparent, Elegant, Pnina Tornai wedding dress

Transparent and Elegant Models Pnina Tornai wedding dress

Silk And Lace

All designers will make two wedding dress alloy materials that are well known. Lace has always been a major combination while silk is usually used as an additional course material. But when you are decide on a dress that is simple but shows elegance, then all of the material that can be reversed. Lace will only be used for the combination on the skirt, while the silk becomes the main ingredient. Silk is smooth, with alloy V-shaped collar to the chest. Accent belt made ​​together with the lace will form the boundary between the upper and lower body clearly. This type of design will make the bride a simple but very elegant. Pieces of silk do not meet all the legs and will only be made up to the knees. To give accent to this design, the addition of purple flowers, orange or yellow on the chest will make the dress look more beautiful.

Silk And Lace, wedding dress

Silk And Lace Pnina Tornai wedding dress

Many people who think, that Pnina Tornai wedding dress has introduced a bold design. All open appearance design want to show the feeling of the wedding. While the lower chest and accent pieces became the basis of all V collar wedding dress designs. No one gives a limit to choose a wedding dress covered because it will look very old-fashioned. Some alloys with perfect materials and designs have become the hallmark of Pnina Tornai. Another accent that always exists in the design of Pnina Tornai is corset strap on the back that makes the bride feel comfortable while wearing this shirt. All this illustrates the design Pnina Tornai about simple, charming and a little daring.

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