Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas for Private Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas – Many couples love outdoor wedding parties, and various outdoor wedding decorating ideas are available for simple and luxurious parties. If you prefer private wedding with limited guests, you need to think about how the decorations will play out and what makes your guests comfortable. Private outdoor wedding party can be done at your own home, and there are several things you can consider to make the day memorable.

Important Factors for Outdoor Wedding Decorating Ideas

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When you are planning outdoor wedding in private party setting, there are some important factors to remember, such as:

  • Choose the right time. Your wedding plans will be useless if you do not choose the right time. Summer and spring are the best times for outdoor wedding. You can also apply themes from the seasons as your outdoor wedding decorating ideas.
  • Consider the natural factors. If it is windy, do not use lightweight fabric. If you want to do it in a flower garden, make sure you pick the right time so the flowers are all blooming. If there are bugs, use bug zapper. Citrus candles can also turn off bugs and add decorative touch.
  • Prepare indoor location. This can be done by setting up tent or choosing place where there are pavilions, just in case the rain comes. They can also be additional outdoor wedding decoration ideas, especially if the structures have beautiful designs.

All these ideas can apply in all party themes, so you can just make some adjustments according to the theme.

Outdoor Wedding Permit

Do not skip this important step; if you use public place for wedding party, such as public park or natural garden, make sure you already contact local government or officials regarding of the permit details. Also, make sure you know all the rules and restrictions, especially the specific ones. Every couple has personal taste in decoration, but whatever your party theme is, your outdoor wedding decoration ideas must make your guests comfortable, not just look beautiful.

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