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Tacori wedding rings are wedding ring from Tacori, a premier jewelry brand. The brand has specialization in engagement and wedding rings as well as bands beside other diamond jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Tacori jewelry is well known for its distinct beauty by combining the traditional designs with the contemporary and modern ones. The Tacori jewelry has been around for nearly four decades and is thought as a well trusted brand with quality designs and finishes of sophisticated jewelry.

The dedication of Tacorian family and its attention to detail for Tacori wedding rings is appreciated high even today. Tacori company has founded four decades ago by Haig Tacori and his wife and it still exudes the similar passion and dedication to customer rapport as it was its first time. Even though Haig Tacori is still leading the jewelry business, over the period of time his children along with other members of the family has also operated the company. The Tacori creations ponder delicacy, style and bear a similarity towards European designs.

Special tacori wedding rings

What makes Tacori wedding ring special is that every piece of rings is created and engraved by hand, with good care, which will last a life time. The hand engraving is carried out from the first work of wax molding to the end polishing and engraving job. Tacori has specialization in creating customized engagement and wedding rings. Typically these types of rings are available in semi-mount configuration, so they do not come with already arranged central stone. This arrangement lets customer choose the diamond individually from the metal setting. Thus, in terms of design and budget it gives more freedom. The company offers creation of a setting for your ring in case you have already had a diamond and wish to have a custom design with it. This service ensures that all the rings ordered by customers are unique in their own way.

Available options of tacori wedding rings

Tacori wedding rings are available in various styles, which range from classically simple to the most complex designs. Interestingly, One of their setting designs is very unique, so that they could even patent it. The patented wetting is the famous crescent silhouette one having appearance of the half-moon cut surrounding the setting itself. Everyone could find different rings belonging to various categories under the colelction of Tacori wedding rings. Among the categories are Simply Tacori, Tacori Crescent, Blooming Beauties, RoyalT, Dantela, Clean Crescent, and Classic Crescent.

HT2602PR85, Tacori wedding rings

HT2602PR85 of Tacori wedding rings

Model No HT2602PR85 of Tacori wedding rings in RoyalT collection is a great piece of jewelry with a beautiful white sparkling diamond in the midst of weighing around Ct 0.85. The side diamonds are round in shape even though the form of the diamond is princess cut. This ring could be found in two metal types such as Platinum and 18k yellow gold. The side stones are arranged in type of pave, prong setting. As your preference, you can also choose for other gemstones such as Emerald, Radiant, Cushion, and Asscher with a milgrain, modern or classic style.

Tacori wedding ring HT2602PR85

Tacori wedding ring HT2602PR85

How to choose tacori wedding rings

When choosing Tacori wedding rings there are particular things you should remember. For the metal setting Tacori utilizes 18k or 22k gold or platinum. The carat color, weight and the cut are the things should be considered in this process. You need to note that a smaller sized diamond could be more expensive sometimes than the bigger one. After all, it is best to place your order four weeks at minimum in advance toobtain the design you want and particularly if you are seeking for a custom design.

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