Inspiration of Red and White Wedding Theme

Marriage cannot be separated from the white color. White is purity, elegance and timeless feeling. Woman would always want to get a feel of the wedding with a very pure white. But when you try to look at some of the wedding with the dominant white color, then it would seem a little boring. Why do not you try some apps red and white wedding theme? Two color into a very strong symbol of the bond between men and women. The red color shows a very romantic color. Not only that, because the red color is able to provide a very beautiful decoration. You can use it for flowers, wedding dress, wedding venue decorations, cake, invitations and gifts for all invited guests. One of the very important part is when you can make it into a mixture of the two colors are very harmonious and beautiful.

Red And White Wedding Dresses

There are two main ideas to choose red and white wedding dress. You can make one of the most dominant colors so that you find the most appropriate design. Do you want to wear the color white as the dominant color? Wedding gown with a few basic models like corset wedding dress or gown sweeping the floor can be the right choice. Every touch of color with a matching combination will make you look very beautiful and graceful.

a. One example is the white wedding dress with red ribbon at the waist. The dress is made of white silk material will look very beautiful with a simple piece model. This dress is not sweeping the floor and the line A small line at the bottom. After the addition of red ribbon accents with satin material will form a very beautiful decoration on the waist. Ribbon accents made with shapes rather wide so that the bride has a higher impression. The rest of the tail of the red ribbon will give a touch of luxury on the back of the dress.

White, red, wedding dress

White with red wedding dress Ideas

b. Red wedding dress with a combination of beads and white gemstones can be very beautiful inspiration. Cinderella wedding dresses styles can be the main basis of the design. This dress can be made with silk or satin material. After the addition of the white color can be a very beautiful accent for each set of beads and stones on each corner of the bottom fabric. On the bodice accent border added in combination with white beads. At first glance you can see this dress as a modern Indian wedding dress with a very elegant style.

Red Wedding Dress

Red Wedding Dress with White combinations

Red And White Wedding Cakes

Cake cutting ceremony in the wedding reception to be one of the moments that awaited everyone. Make red and white wedding theme should also be equipped with one of the dominant colors on the cake. You can choose of sponge cake, vanilla cake, or chocolate on the inside. Red and white wedding cakes will only occur on the outside only. You can be creative on the inside of the cake. In closing, you can use fondant or butter cream wedding cake. All depends on your taste. Plain white cake will look simple, so you can add a series of beautiful roses. Roses can be made of material that is colored white chocolate cake.

Red And White Wedding Cakes

Red And White Wedding Cakes

Red And White Wedding Invitations

How do you make a wedding announcement? You have to make everyone feel appreciated with an invitation. It may be hard to find an invitation with red color completely. Therefore you can make a combination of red and white wedding invitations with a variety of styles. Here are some ideas you can use.

a. Modern red and white wedding invitations can be made with the same color combination. The red color will be used for all parts of the envelope. While the white color can be one of the interesting parts to writing. The shape, these simple elegant look with plain black ink. If you want to wear the red ink it should be in smaller portions, because the red color for text can be a symbol that is very bad for everyone.

red and white wedding invitation

Modern red and white wedding invitation

b. Red and white wedding invitations are equipped with the carving images could be an interesting invitation. You can add an ornament of a small brooch on the front of the invitation. This invitation can also be made with a lower budget. One way is to use online red and white wedding invitations on the internet applications.

Red and white wedding invitation

Red and white wedding invitation

Red and White Wedding Decorations

Do you feel too flashy red decorations? But you want to wear this color combination into two very nice options for everyone. If you want to use the concept of red and white wedding decorations, the use of the color red cannot be done with higher numbers. This two-color decoration will be more beautiful when wearing white as domination. The white color can be used to decorate the wedding hall walls, the fabrics are connected to the lighting and all the decorating tables and chairs for guests. Red accents can be used to create a ribbon effect on a chair or table.

Red and White Wedding Decorations

Red and White Wedding Decorations

Red and White Wedding Flowers

Other parts that should not be forgotten in making red and white wedding theme is flowers. Flowers have a very beautiful symbol of marriage. White roses and red roses can be a genuine choice for preparing red and white wedding flowers. Here are some interesting ideas to make wedding flower bouquet.

a. Red roses will be the main symbol for wedding bouquet decoration. These two colors can be united to form a series of very beautiful. To beautify flower then you can equip with leaves on the flower stalk. But if you are afraid that the spines on the stalk, then it is better to use only synthetic wedding flower.

Red roses, wedding flowers

Red roses wedding flowers

b. Red and white wedding flower for table decoration also you can choose. The first part is to choose white or translucent vase that has a shape in accordance with the wedding theme. You can choose several flower vases vintage wedding concept ideas were later equipped with red roses. It’s better if you also choose a rose bud and a combination with some paper flowers.

Red and white wedding flower Ideas

Red and white wedding flower for table decoration

The concept of red and white wedding theme can be used for all kinds of basic concepts of marriage. You can choose a wedding with a vintage style wedding ideas, beach wedding ideas or some kind of other concepts. One of the most important points in determining the color is you should be able to see one of the colors that should be the champion.

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