How to Stack Cakes on Wedding Cake Stands

 How to Stack Cakes on Wedding Cake Stands – Tiered wedding cake makes a grand centerpiece of any wedding party table, but some choose to have stacked cakes with wedding cake stands. If you decide to make your own cake, stacked cakes on a stand are usually the easiest and most sensible option. The process usually starts with the making of individual cakes with chosen sizes, and applying the basic icing cream. Later, you can stack and decorate the cakes after stacking them.

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Tips to Stack Wedding Cake on a Stand

Stacking the cakes on wedding cake stands is usually the most difficult part to get it right. You need help of several plastic drinking straws (preferably the hard ones) to stabilize the cakes. Here are stages to do it properly:

  • Make sure you already spread the icing cream.
  • Insert the first straw on the bottom cake in the center, and mark the straw about 1/8 inches above the icing. Remove the straw, cut on this mark and cut other four straws with the same length.
  • Reinsert the first straw on the center and insert the other four straws around it, with 2 inches of distance from the edge. Make sure the interval is regular.
  • Stack this cake on the cake stand and insert the second/middle cake on top of it.
  • Repeat the process to stack the next cake.

Make sure you do constant adjustment on the cakes; if the cakes are wobbly or uneven, resize and re-cut the straws or add some more icing cream.

Prepare the Cake Stacking

To ensure the smooth process, make sure you prepare the individual cakes and the basic icing the night before the wedding. In the morning, you must already prepare all the supplies and bring the cake to the wedding site (if possible), and do all the icing spread, stacking and decorating. This way, your cakes can stand on wedding cake stands beautifully with minimum risk right before wedding.

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