How to Create Simple Wedding Cakes You Like

How to Create Simple Wedding Cakes You Like – Wedding cakes are the center of attention in a wedding party table, and many people opt for simple wedding cakes instead of the expensive, complicated tiered cakes. However, even simple cake needs good planning for wedding, since it will be the part of your special day. A good wedding cake is not only pretty to look at, but it must also good to eat and incorporate everything special for you related to the day.

Simple white wedding cake with flowers

Tips to Plan Simple Wedding Cakes

Basically, the shape and details of the cake is up to you and your spouse, not dictated by someone else, especially if you want custom cake. Here are some tips to plan wedding cakes you will like:

  • Browse pictures of several wedding cakes, and see what element you like from those cakes. Make these elements guide to plan the perfect cake.
  • Consider the elements of your wedding party. Even simple wedding cakes should have factors incorporated in the party, like the color theme, flowers used, and the party theme, to tie up everything together.
  • Consider how many guests you will have. This is related to how big your cake will be.
  • Consider the budget. Make sure you are in the same page with your spouse about how much you want to spend for a wedding cake.

Planning wedding cakes must involve both spouses to talk about their preferences, as well as unique details from the party.

Simple Wedding Cakes Ideas

There are many ways you can make simple cake for wedding. For example, you can make traditional three-cakes pile without tier, with all colors that symbolize the party theme, cutting down the intricate details. Or, you can go for traditional all-white cake, but incorporate rich filing such as raspberries and cream. Modern couples can even replace large wedding cake with cupcake stands decorated with flowers as simple wedding cakes, especially if you expect specific numbers of guests.

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