Fun Wedding Ideas

Marriage does not have to always depict with a serious fact, although this moment is very serious and sacred. You can create a theme to shows that everyone wants to enjoy the wedding. Marriage with a fun theme will be fun for everyone. Not only for the bride and groom, family or guests but also for all the people who see your wedding. Different ways you can do to make the wedding more fun. Here is some fun wedding ideas inspiration that you can choose.

Fun Ideas Wedding Photo

You may feel bored with the same theme wedding photos. Everyone always has a romantic pose as a couple and all of it can last throughout the wedding ceremony. One of the memories that you might use is to create a special photo that depicts your pleasure. One example, you can start of your choice. Do you feel winning the race or an important competition? With this idea then you can create photos like a bride and groom who had just won the race with banners writing “just married”. This photo will be one of the objects and the memories you can remember with laugh.

Fun wedding photos ideas, fun ideas for wedding photos

Fun wedding photos ideas

Fun Wedding Ideas for Reception

Do you want to make an important show in the wedding? Maybe all those bored with seeing the same wedding theme. Make a difference will be very enjoyable. Perform a spontaneous event by making a softball game. Bride and everyone can be a player in the game. No matter whether you win or lose, but the important thing is there is an event that is fun for everyone. While enjoying the game funny bride and all guests can enjoy a meal that has been provided. Do not forget to ask your photographer to take some special moments in the match.

fun wedding reception ideas, playing softball game

fun wedding reception ideas, playing softball game

Fun Wedding Favors

Fun wedding favors will describe the real atmosphere of your wedding. This thing will be a special symbol for all the people involved in your wedding. It is a way to give a thank you for the arrival of guests. You can put it on each dining table for guests or a special table that is easily found by guests. There is always a nice idea to choose a unique object. You could take a chain pin compass that shows that not everyone will lose direction as when finding a wedding. Give the name of the bride on the top so guests or family can commemorate the wedding. And this could be a very nice gift for all the guests and family.

Fun Wedding Favors, wedding favor ideas

Wedding favor ideas, a chain pin compass

Fun Wedding Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a cute wedding gift? Not everyone thinks that way, because gifts are usually much more reasonable given with some interesting objects. And when you see a beautiful cutlery and frames, then what do you think? You can give an interesting speech such as how busy life and your marriage to not have time to eat. And some simple phrase that will make the bride smile.

Fun wedding gifts Ideas, Fun wedding gifts

Fun Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake will be a very interesting thing. Everyone will see the cake and try to see what the purpose of all images and design of the cake. Generally a wedding cake is formed by stacking or multilevel models. Decorating cakes is a lot to wear some flowers or a beautiful decoration. But have you ever imagine making a wedding cake with funny Toper. Here is some inspiration that you can choose.

1) I am the champion. A cake with toping shaped grooms and women’s championship describe. With a bunch of flowers held by the bride shows that the game has been completed. Meanwhile, a small statue with the form of the groom tries to rise to the upper level, while it is impossible to be done.

Fun wedding ideas, fun wedding cakes pictures

Im the campion cake for fun wedding ideas

2) Cake togetherness. Cake with form level without direct connection of each level will be a very funny picture. Each level describes the activities carried out with the bride. At the start of doing housework, vacationing at the beach, spend time together and eventually married.

fun wedding cake ideas, Togetherness cake

Togetherness cake, fun wedding cake

3) Fishing bride cake. A very funny scene depicted in this cake toping. Lured bride groom and everything looks very nice. Although the groom looks will run but the hook was attached to the pants. It describes the journey fun and funny wedding.

Fishing Brade Cake, fun wedding cake

image of Fishing Brade Cake, fun wedding cake

Fun Wedding Dresses

If you often come to the wedding, what is the most you pay attention? Flowing white wedding dress may be one part of a regular wedding. Many brides wear this dress because it is considered as the king’s daughter’s wedding. But if you want to get a different dress, then select just the theme fun. You will still look as graceful and charming bride. Below is some of the inspiration that you can make an example.

1) Short dress with embroidery and lace accents will be an interesting dress with a vintage theme. Dress with short pieces is very suitable for a wedding on the beach or building. You can move more freely without fear of falling. Complete head with a hat netting accent that makes you very pleasant as the small bride.

Fun Wedding Dresses, Fun Wedding Dress

Short dress with embroidery and lace accents will be an interesting dress with a vintage theme

2) A base line dress with short puffed and will make you become like a puppet. Accent lace fabric stacked on the bottom of the balloon into a very funny impression. If you look at the dress looks like a party dress that is usually worn antiquity small children. Embroidery accent on the bodice gives a very warm impression. This is a very nice dress.

Fun Wedding Dress

A base line dress with short puffed and will make you become like a puppet

Have a fun wedding ideas will make an impression for everyone. Marriage does not have to always come up with emotion and less comfortable atmosphere. Even the wedding guests can get bored with this atmosphere. You can create a wedding with a fun theme so that all people deserve pleasure. Make some fun wedding ideas by taking a few examples above. There are still many themes that you can use to make the wedding more fun. Make jokes to entertain yourself and all the invited guests.

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