Do You Know the Uniqueness of Carrie Underwood Wedding?

Every woman has a big dream to get married with their loved ones. Whoever she was, of course she wants to have a beautiful and unforgettable wedding moment. Because of this happy moment will happen once in a lifetime. Engagement or wedding becomes the great thing that is often celebrated on a large scale by Hollywood celebrities. Similarly, the country singer, Carrie Underwood just got married. Carrie Underwood wedding with Mike Fisher was quite festive, though not many invitation guests to attend that event. Uniquely, this wedding is really a secret until the invitation did not know the location of the wedding ceremony. The invitation guests will be picked up by using a limousine or a jet to get to the location of the event.

Carrie Underwood wedding was carried out simple but there a lot of unique and distinctive look of the wedding celebrity in general, from clothes to hair style used. She has different ideas in organizing her wedding. The following are some uniqueness presented in her special day;

The Wedding Dress

For a wedding ceremony that lasted secret that Carrie wears Monique Lhuillier gown adorned with Chantilly lace and silk organza. That Carrie Underwood wedding dress designed in accordance with the character of her. The wedding dress designed to wear with a simple shape but still look beautiful and give the impression of glamour. In addition, she changed the dress becomes a strapless cocktail dress for the reception so she can show his skills dancing.

Carrie underwood, Wedding Dress

Carrie underwood Wedding Dress

Wedding songs

Sing a song at the wedding would make the wedding more memorable and touching. Carrie Underwood wedding song is very impressive, romantic and poetic. The title of this song is “look at me”. The song was also sung at someone wedding, so it makes tearful groom.

Carrie Underwood, Wedding Song

Carrie Underwood Wedding Song

The wedding ring

Wedding ring is one of the symbols in the tradition of western-style wedding. Wedding rings made with beautiful as possible, because this is an important thing in a marriage. Mike Fisher proposed to Carrie Underwood with a yellow diamond ring designed by Jonathon Arndt. Carrie Underwood wedding ring is very beautiful, smooth and flawless. Carrie Underwood has a unique idea for the nuptials. She will involve the dog in a wedding ceremony that took place during the summer of this year. Carrie intends to make a Chihuahua dog named Ace as the ring bearer. She involves the dog as the bearer ring because she assumes that the dog is also like her child.

Carrie underwood, Wedding Ring

Carrie underwood Wedding Ring

The wedding hair style

Hair style plays an important role in implementing a wedding. In addition to add to the beauty of appearance, it also affects the comfort of the bride. So that, for that happy day the owner of the blonde hair has prepared a simple hairstyle. Carrie chose a simple hairstyle to cope with the humidity the current her wedding day. She does not want excessive damage hair styled in the special moments of her life. She just curls all of her hair with a little cut, and paste the entire clip. It is very simple, but she very confident with Carrie Underwood wedding hair style, although no significant preparation.

Carrie Underwood, wedding, hair style

Carrie Underwood wedding hair style

Every wedding has its own story that will be remembered for a lifetime. So did the performed by couples of Carrie and Mike. They were engaged in December 2009, they met when the singer ever to win the event “American Idol” concert in Toronto in 2008. Because they felt there was a match they eventually up to celebrate the special relationship and make the decision to hold the unique and an impressive Carrie Underwoodwedding.

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