Design Your Own Wedding Ring – What You Should Know

To design your own wedding ring could be a challenging experience that worth a try. We know that the wedding ring has long been a promissory symbol. In the old time a wedding ring represented a significant financial cost, the itm was something given by the groom as a down payment, and deterred broken engagements. Only nowadays giving a couple wedding rings consisting of an engagement ring and a separate wedding one has been adopted widely. In the past, the ring devoted for engagement was also used as the wedding ring itself for the marriage ceremony.

Ancient Roman and Greek cultures accorded that the distinctive style in the healing finger or wedding ring finger, runs directly to the heart. According to the old art of hand reflexology, the spot below the area where a wedding ring is located on the left hand is among the areas corresponding to the heart. In addition, when quoting the “Trinitarian” formula, actually the wedding ring left finger was the last touched by the priest.

Why should you design your own wedding rings

Should you design your own wedding ring? This is a normal question made by many couples to themselves. There are many reasons why it is great to design your own wedding ring. You already know that every couple must possess a unique love, which cannot be reduplicated or even seen by others. If you are in the process of getting married, then it is time to ask yourself the big question, whether you want to design your own wedding ring.

Build, design, wedding rings

Build and design your own wedding rings

Many of us think that ti is abhoorent to wear a ring that somebody else in the world possesses. They consider it is an diss to their unique relationship or marriage. If you are among those who care about presenting your special union in a unique light, then to design your own wedding rings may be the only way to go. However, prior to going down that route, you need to bear in mind several concerns that are particular to making your own wedding ring.

Design your own wedding ring – Setting the budget

If you decide to design your own wedding ring, then it is important to set the budget first. In terms of designing anything, you might easily lose your perspective on the project, which cause you overspend it. Most af the time this happens to other people too. Therefore, to avoid being carried away with your design, you need set a budget long before you begin the process. You should ensure that your budget is padded by about 10% to make sure you are compensating your bases should un-predicted costs arise. After that, no matter what, be sure you work within that budget. Keep in mind that soon you will have other expenses coming up, such as the wedding itself and the honeymoon.

wedding ring, budget

Seting the budget for your Wedding ring

Design your own wedding rings based on personality

After setting budget to design your own wedding ring, now is the time to bring your needs and personality into perspective. You need to evaluate the personalities that you and your fiancée have. You need to find out if you and your fiancee are similar similar in tastes or totally different and if you two are hands-on in your day-to-day life. This will determine how functional the wedding band should be.  In case your partner is a surgeon, it is likely that a perhaps a set of matching engagement and wedding ring molded together could not be the best choice because he or he must routinely remove the wedding ring. If probably you already have some pieces of jewelry with a particular meaning to you, you could incorporate the pieces into your wedding ring too.

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