Create A Memorable Wedding With Islamic Wedding Dresses

Married is one historic thing in human life. Holding a wedding is thing that requires a lot of time and a long preparation. Many things must be taken care and prepared in every detail of the event. One of them is preparing for a wedding dress. There are a variety of wedding dresses available, ranging from traditional wedding dresses, classic wedding dresses, modern wedding dresses, western wedding dresses, and even complex religious wedding dresses, one of them is a Muslim wedding dress.

When choosing wedding dress there are a lot of things to consider, ranging from the size, color, kinds of fabrics and many others. Moreover, in choosing wedding dresses Muslim you should consider a few important things first. Not just a matter of design, but also to be in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic religion. Remember that wedding is sacred, so it is not quite to rely on the glamour things. Because in this event, you must keep attention to the ethical aspects of the dress worn and showed to ahead of the public.

The following are some model of the attractive wedding dress for Muslim which can be used as the consideration of your wedding dress;

1) Wedding dress with ruffle

Ruffle dress is very popular for Korean woman, even it is very popular in around the world. Actually wedding dress with ruffle also suit used for wedding dress for Muslim. Wedding dress with the ruffle addition will create the impression of an elegant but still modest. A wavy texture is the key of beauty of this dress. Wedding dress with ruffle has a wrinkle pattern in some parts; it can be at the top or bottom. Ruffle dresses can also be adjusted in length. For Muslim dresses of course, choose the dresses with long and loose ruffle. While for color selection, you can choose the brighter colors. You can choose a white or cream dress ruffle. You also can add a luxurious feel on your wedding day. And for the use of the veil, you should choose a simple veil in usage. It is not too heavy that still Shar’ie. The veil can add accessories such as pearl and crystal ornaments to make your wedding dress Muslim luxurious.

Wedding dress with ruffle, Islamic wedding dress

Wedding dress with ruffle

2) Kebaya wedding dress

Kebaya wedding dress is the appropriate choice as wedding dress muslim. Kebaya is made of lace fabric usually designed fit perfectly to body size. You can wear Kebaya with full Furing to shape the body and arms are not too flashy. The most important thing that must be considered in the selection of Kebaya wedding dress is to be made more flexible than actual size to make it look more perfect. Remain to combine and match the Kebaya wedding dress with unique veil model.

Kebaya wedding dress, Muslim wedding dress

Kebaya wedding dress

3) Islamic wedding dresses with bridal shawl

When you already have the best option for your wedding dress, you can add something to complete and enhance the appearance wedding dress on your special day as a bride. Bridal shawl is a good choice for your fashion. You can combine it on your wedding dress to make beautify your wedding dress performance.

Islamic wedding dress

Islamic wedding dresses with bridal shawl

4) White wedding dress with headband

Wear a white wedding dress with a long veil. Use headband accessories to beautify your wedding veil. Headband could be substitute for crown jewels which quite luxurious. You can choose a headband which same nuance with earrings, so this makes your Muslim wedding dress look more glamorous.

White wedding dress with a headband

White wedding dress with a headband

The wedding day is the most awaited by every bride. A day that filled with this sacred impression is also need preparation that is not a while. The bride should prepare all matters relating to the marriage. One of the most important is the wedding dress which will be used. Those were some recommendation of attractive Islamic wedding dresses. May it is useful for you who will hold the wedding by using Muslim figure dresses.

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