Coral Wedding Decorations Ideas

Coral Wedding Decorations Ideas – Celebration of 35th wedding anniversary is called Coral Wedding, but coral wedding decorations are also great for any wedding. The soft rosy hue of coral is perfect for invoking elegant and beautiful look, and it is also a color associated with the sea. If you want a luxury party that has elegant look but not with the traditional white theme, coral can be your wedding theme.

How to Decorate Coral Wedding

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There are many great ideas for coral wedding decorations you can apply, such as:

  • Coral hues for draperies. Use coral tablecloths and wall decorations, and ask your bridesmaids to dress in various shades of corals (and perhaps pearl jewelry to add the sea atmosphere). Pair the color with sea-themed decoration such as seashells, and use elegant China or white silverware to pair with this muted color.
  • Coral cake. Whether you order tiered wedding cake or go modern with cupcake towers, coral-colored icing is definitely the eye-catcher for your party, and complimenting your coral wedding decorations.
  • Coral themed foods. There are many foods that can support coral them in your party, such as seafood (but beware of the freshness; make sure your catering is high quality), Italian food, and cupcakes with coral icing as dessert.
  • Sea-themed decoration. Insert sea-themed decorative elements such as seashells, starfish and beach grasses or flowers in your coral wedding decorations. They can serve as centerpiece, decoration around the pillars, or around the place where bride and groom say their vows.

These ideas are open for more initiative and creativity, so make sure your coral wedding is memorable!

Coral Theme for Invitations

Coral theme can also be applied for invitation. Besides the coral shade, you can stick seashells or use starfish print as decorative elements. Also, you can use invitation in the cylinder tube with small seashell ornament for creative custom wedding. Including various shades of coral and adding sea elements are great ways to create coral wedding decorations and custom invitations for memorable luxury party.

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