Choosing Some Wedding Themes For Summer 2015

Summer is waiting. Are you ready to sweat? Or are you preparing something big in summer? Like a marriage for example? If it is so, you have chosen the great time to hold your big day. Summer means the sun shines brightly. But have you considered some wedding themes for summer 2015? Summer is ready to lead you to the bright marriage life. Many couples choose to get married in this season. Thus, the prices tend to increase. Summer relates with bright colors, as bright as the sun, for the dress, flowers, and other details.

Wedding themes for the hot and sweaty summer 2015

Beach wedding

Beach Wedding theme for summer 2015

Beach Wedding theme for summer 2015

Beach wedding is one of many popular wedding themes for summer 2015. Having a beach wedding is like giving your friends or your guest one great day out, apart from attending your wedding. It can double up the sense of joy and cheer in your wedding. Wedding summer is very adorable with the combination of natural and some bright colors. it falls perfectly when you wear white gown while holding colorful flower bucket. You can stay elegant and beautiful standing in the middle of your bridesmaid who wear flowery dresses. Otherwise, you can choose warmer color, as the weather gets warmer too, such as mint and coral. These combinations get along well with the season. It still gives cheerful impression but elegant.

Baech wedding concept summer 2015

Baech wedding concept for summer 2015

Garden or park Wedding locations

Since the weather on summer is hot, the guests and also you yourself tend to sweat a lot. It is such a good idea to provide your guests with mini fans. You can provide the fans with unique or simply cute design to represent your wedding. It would be nice and useful accessories to complete your wedding day. Wedding in summer is best done outdoor as the weather is great to enjoy. Having a wedding outdoor such as in a garden or park is very nice. You usually just need simple decoration to support the wedding themes for summer 2015 because the surrounding is already naturally beautiful. Tables and chairs are usually decorated in accordance with the color theme, along with flowers in the vas. To add more beautiful details, you can give a simple touch of creativity by using paper crane with certain shape. You can make it colorful or simply single color. They can be put in a line from tree to tree around the location. You can also insert your message or your wishes of your marriage life through the shape of paper crane you make. All you need to do is put the right combination of all to make it perfect.

Garden wedding theme

Garden wedding theme for summer 2015

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