Choose Your Wedding Colors for 2015

Choose the right wedding color for 2015 to color up your day, as well as your wedding day. People tend to decide their wedding color based on their personality or it shows and reflect their personality. It is happened either consciously or not. Some people may put their wish or imagination about their future marriage life in the wedding color they choose.

People usually choose their wedding color based on the theme and the venue of their wedding. Some of them may determine the wedding color adjusted with the year they get married. The rest may simply apply simple and elegant color. But, we still can mix our favorite color in the proper way to make it adorable.

Some advices in choosing the wedding color for 2015

wedding color 2015

the combination of blue still popular for your great wedding colors

How to choose the best color for your wedding? Since it takes important role in your wedding, you may not get wrong. The best advice is to apply the color that you and your partner really love. It is better to use not more than three colors by giving your most favorite one more proportion. For you who have plan to get married this year, you may need to find out the trend for wedding colors 2015 as your references as it is may not that easy to decide. You may need to adjust the colors with the season at the time. Here are ten kinds of color combination which are popular this year. Neutral color still being popular with a little touch of red and pink. Many people still love blue as the classic color for their wedding. Here are some combinations of blue with other colors. The combinations are royal blue and Kelly green; navy, cream and blush; coral, peach and powder blue; periwinkle and peach; sangria, silver and lavender.

wedding colors 2015

every color you apply in your wedding should be put in different proportion

colors combination for wedding 2015

top ten trends ideas for your wedding color in 2015

Blush and peach were popular in 2014, and they will still be loved as wedding colors for 2015 with more proper shades. Some other combinations such as purple and yellow, gold and burgundy, sage and sandalwood, the integration among pink, khaki and grey; brown shades and ivory. Spring and summer tend to be more colorful with soft color choices like aquamarine, scuba blue, strawberry ice, tangerine, classic blue and many more. While fall brings out natural color like red flame, gold and brown; winter color expose white and sparkling silver. The main point of all is how to mix all the colors you choose to work together well in the right proportion.

colors name for wedding 2015

spring brings out these colors to put in a beautiful combintion for wedding in 2015

Wedding colors image 2015

white dress falls perfectly with the combination of soft color for beach wedding

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