Blend of Style and Accents for Vintage Wedding Ideas

Marriage has always been a dream of all people. One is alloy vintage wedding ideas. This force represents the two sides of the wedding that has a very deep meaning. First you can choose to accentuate the vintage style wedding romantic side. The second part is you can make a marriage with forming lasting memories. Here is a vintage style idea for all elements of the wedding.

Vintage Wedding Decorations

Everyone sees that vintage style is very simple and cheap. You can wear ornaments of old jars belonging to the family, a sprinkling of dried flowers for a wedding place, and decorated with dried leaves. Also use a variety of colors that characterize the vintage style. You can start with white and brown to give the decoration on the tables, chairs and a bride. Be sure to apply a blend of classic and contemporary styles.

Vintage, Wedding Decoration

Vintage Wedding Decorations

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress with vintage wedding ideas style always represents an overview of the past era. Themes of Victorian style is one example of the most often chosen by the bride and groom. The main fabric used most often still dominated by lace. Some of the wedding dress will be made with a form overlay that makes the bride look elegant. Another accent piece will be added to the lace, knitted and also blend with satin fabric.

Vintage, Wedding Dresses

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Best Vintage Wedding Rings 

The decision to create a wedding with a vintage style must be fitted with a ring that represents the style of it. You can get inspiration from the old wedding ring. The style like princess cut diamonds, emerald decoration, and the addition of emerald stone will make it look perfect.

Wedding Rings, Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage Wedding Invitation

The concept of the invitation with a vintage style always has a hallmark. Blend of retro style has always been the desire of the bride and groom. Beige or yellow color has always been the choice for the vintage style invitations. Adding images chariot could be a wonderful part in this invitation.

Wedding Invitation

Vintage Wedding Invitation

There is still a way to make a vintage style wedding that does not look boring. You can add with musical accompaniment. Jazz music will be the perfect accompaniment and let all your family and guests to dance. Vintage wedding ideas are image of a beautiful, charming and immortal life expectancy.

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