Beautiful Wedding Color Themes

Colors become one of the important things in marriage. Shows a wedding theme color is desired by the bride. Sometimes some colors can save the typical family memories bride. Even the colors can show the love that happens in marriage. When all the colors become important in a marriage, then you have to make the most appropriate decision. One of the inspirations of colour wedding themes can be determined with some kind of joy. Some brides can also choose a color that is only used for decoration only; while for the other colors in the wedding could be an interesting idea. The following are some of the kinds of wedding colors and themes that you can choose the wedding.

Red Wedding Theme

The color red has strong symbolic meaning in the marriage relationship. It is the color of the tie of affection, the courage to make decisions and a path that dared to make a difference. You can involve the color red for some design reception venue in interesting ways.

Red Wedding Theme, red wedding theme ideas

Red Wedding Theme

– Tables and chairs red with brown floor accent would make a rustic and modern wedding style. Each design tables and chairs covered with red color will form a very vivid color glow in the room. In fact, you can choose red roses as the best ornament on top of the table.

Red color combination

Red color combination theme

– The color combination of red with some bright colors like white will be the choice for a party in the afternoon or evening. You can still wear the red colors for certain parts such as dance floors, carpets and decorative flowers on the table.

Pink Wedding Theme

The color pink is a symbol of romance, affection and attention. Women always like this color because it describes softness. Each color pink may be formed by some kind of thickness. It is start from pink to dark pink. However, the use of the color pink is too much decoration in the wedding venue will be beautiful. Here is some inspiration that you can choose.

Pink Wedding Theme Ideas

Pink Wedding Theme Ideas

– Pink is used as a tent or ceiling decoration. When the color pink is used to make some of the design as a whole then it would seem glare. One way is you can wear a pink tent. When the tent exposed to the whole room light reflections will shine with the light pink.

– Soft pink or bright colors are used for decorating a table and chairs can also be an interesting idea. You can see that the color pink would look not too flashy, but can be the identical color in the room.

Yellow Wedding Theme

The yellow color in the wedding has a meaning as a symbol of a joyful heart. The yellow color will make the atmosphere marriage into a bright and charming. The use of some yellow flowers like sunflowers can be a very interesting idea. You can wear yellow with white color combination. It became one of the summer weddings with a theme that is very bright. Yellow roses can also be used to form the bouquet or ornamental flowers on the table.

Yellow Wedding Theme, Yellow Wedding Ideas

Yellow Wedding Theme Ideas

Gold Wedding Theme

Do you want to have a memorable wedding with the theme of luxury? Luxury does not have to always depict with a large wedding and need a lot of budget. You can use a theme with colors that make your wedding to be very luxurious. Gold wedding themes is one kind of very beautiful theme. Gold color can be described to make the party decorations. You can wear the color gold fabric to make a wedding becomes shiny and very comfortable. This wedding style is very suitable for the night party.

Gold Wedding Theme

Gold themed wedding reception

Black And White Wedding Theme

The combination of the two colors like black and white wedding theme can form a very beautiful wedding. The two colors contrast sharply with each other hard. One bright colors and neutral properties while the color longer a dark color and uncompromising. So if you still want to wear it for the wedding concept. Regardless of all the things you wear in the wedding, then setting the dining table is a thing you should consider. In this place everyone will gather and give praise for the beauty and the beauty of your wedding.

Black And White Wedding Theme, Black and white wedding theme ideas

Black and white wedding theme ideas

The use of black color can be given to the tent ceiling. Tent parts are exposed to light of a lamp will form a concept that is very charming. The black and white will be made to establish decorating tables and chairs for guests. You can choose one color to decorate in a very small portion like a rose.

Purple Wedding Theme

In ancient times the symbol of the nobility wearing some color to show everyone. One color that is characteristic is purple. But now you can wear a purple wedding theme to make the wedding become more memorable. Decorating with the color purple can be mixed with some bright colors such as white or pink. If you do not like the color combination it can wear various shades of purple for tables, chairs or tents. If you like some way to describe the joy with a festive manner then you can use that in the form of lanterns with paper purple, white, pink or dark blue.

Purple Wedding Theme Ideas, Purple Wedding Theme

Purple Wedding Theme Ideas

Blue Wedding Themes

Blue is one of the most favored colors by men. Although women do not really like the look of blue color but can wear this color theme for the wedding decorations. Blue wedding themes can be set up with some kind of purple. You can mix a few ornament dark blue, light blue or blue color class other to form flowers, the bride, and decorating the table for all the guests. The combination of blue and white can also form a perfect decorations ornament.

Blue Wedding Themes Ideas, Blue Wedding Themes

Blue Wedding Themes Ideas

Silver Wedding Theme

Do you like the look sparkling and beautiful colors? One of the inspirations silver wedding themes may be to your liking. The use of silver shows a sign and honest nature. You can choose the color of silver for the tables, chairs and tents. Blend with white color in small portions can be very beautiful accent.

Silver Wedding Theme Ideas, Silver Wedding Theme

Silver Wedding Theme Ideas

All colors can be the theme of the wedding. Some basic color combination such as red, yellow, black, white, pink, blue, purple and silver can be molded into an attractive color. Games color for tents, chairs, tables and decorating theme can be equipped with a floral rose, lily or some synthetic flowers. Beautiful wedding color themes would be one way to make your wedding more beautiful. Some games are not fully color contains common, even the color of black and white wedding theme can be a perfect choice.

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