Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas – Beach wedding is always popular as outdoor wedding option, and there are tons of beach wedding decoration ideas you can try out there. Beach party has cheerful, natural and carefree atmosphere, combined with the elegant element of a wedding. There are many party styles you can choose for a beach wedding, and you can pick one that suits your taste.

Party Style for Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Here are several party styles you can consider to choose decoration for beach wedding:

  • Formal party style. This is popular wedding style with elements like makeshift aisle and altar, chairs and tables, curved structures for saying the vows, and perhaps indoor party area like pavilion, gazebo or semi-opened wedding hall of nearby resort.
  • Casual party style. This is a source for many popular beach wedding decoration ideas, such as Hawaiian style party where bride can wear simple summer dress, with bonfire and roasted dishes as well as casual beach benches instead of tables and chairs.
  • Semi-formal party style. You can use tables and chairs, but replace the formal-looking centerpiece with something authentic or unique such as wild flowers and beach grass centerpiece, wind chimes, and glass bowl with sand, starfish and shells as decoration.

Since the beach party requires much standing on the sand, make sure you ditch high heels, and better, ask guests to go barefoot (but set a place where guests can place their footwear safely if necessary).

Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Décor

Still feel clueless for beach wedding decoration ideas? Take your cue from celebrities who have tied the knot on the beach! Browse wedding pictures of famous names such as Idina Menzel, Jewel, Taye Diggs, Heidi Klum and Seal, and jolt down some nice ideas you can apply on your own beach wedding party. Do not forget to work together with your wedding planner if you have one!

Having your wedding on the beach is a nice idea for carefree and natural atmosphere, and beach wedding decoration ideas can be paired with any party style you like most.

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