10 Luxurious Of Celebrity Wedding Rings

The ring is one of the important complement in a weddings ceremony. Wedding ring is one of the symbols in the weddings that the couple had been binding promise for living together. Other than as a symbol of the bond of marriage, the wedding ring can also be a very valuable item for the decoration of diamond and its fantastic price. Most of the celebrities usually select the luxurious wedding ring on her wedding. They usually order the best wedding ring to the bet designer around the world. They are willing to spend not little price for their wedding ring. The following are some of the luxurious of celebrity wedding rings;

1. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is considered as the luckiest woman in the world. Kate makes women jealous because she has a weddings ring that is very expensive and luxurious. Kate’s wedding ring is the output of Gerrard home jewelry. An 18-carat blue sapphire ring surrounded by of oval diamond belonged to deceased William’s mother Princess Diana. So no wonder, if this wedding ring called as the most luxurious celebrity wedding rings.

Kate Middleton Wedding Ring

Picture of Kate Middleton Wedding Ring

2. Jennifer Lopez

When married to singer Marc Anthony in 2004, Jennifer Lopez got the 8.5 carat diamond ring. The cost of this ring is estimated at millions of dollars. This Lopez’s ring is a luxurious wedding ring at second which she ever received from Ben Affleck.

jennifer lopez, wedding ring

Picture of jennifer lopez wedding ring ideas

3. Jennifer Garner

The couples of Garner and Affleck got married on June 29, 2005 in one of the private islands in the Caribbean. Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Garner by 4.5 carat diamond ring. The ring is the work of renowned Harry Winston, American jeweler. This luxurious diamond ring estimated to cost $ 5,000.

Jennifer garner wedding ring, Image of Jennifer garner wedding ring

Image of Jennifer garner wedding ring

4. Beyoncé

The next luxurious of many celebrity wedding rings is Beyonce wedding ring. Jay-Z offered an 18-carat diamond ring to Beyonce. Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z weddings ring is designed by Lorraine Schwartz. For the price of this luxurious ring valued at $ 5 million.

beyonce wedding ring

the luxurious of beyonce wedding ring valued at $ 5 million

5. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson reveals that she is engaged to her boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock. For her wedding ring according to Kelly, the ring is made of diamond designed by Johnathon Arndt and Brandon. This weddings ring is made of walnut by a sprinkling of yellow of diamond around it.

Kelly Clarkson Wedding Ring, Kelly Clarkson Wedding Rings

Picture of Kelly Clarkson Wedding Ring

6. Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon ordered a special ring from the jewelry house Jacob & Co. to proposed Mariah Carey. This luxurious weddings ring valued at $ 2.5 million. Even this celebrity wedding rings is the most beautiful wedding ring that made of diamond with a 17 carat emerald-cut.

Mariah Carey, Wedding Ring

Picture of Mariah Carey Wedding Ring ideas

7. Victoria Beckham

The most popular footballer in the world, David Beckham shows his love for Victoria by proposed her by 11-carat diamond ring. This middle ring contained of pink diamond 0.8 carat surrounded by white diamond 4.15 carats which makes it very luxurious. This beautiful rings can be redeemed at a price $ 525,000. This is so fantastic price for the wedding ring.

Victoria Beckam wedding ring

Picture of Victoria Beckam wedding ring

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim wept when Humphries, kneeling and wearing a weddings ring on Kim Kardashian finger. The ring is uniquely designed that consist of emerald Lorraine Schwartz. This ring valued at $ 2 million. So this is not wrong if it includes at the list of expensive celebrity wedding rings.

Kim Kardashian wedding ring

Beautiful image of Kim Kardashian wedding ring

9. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is married to actor Tom Cruise. Cruise proposed Katie, at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to June 17, 2005 by the diamond ring heavy as 5 carats that valued at $ 1.5 million.

Katie Holmes wedding ring

Katie Holmes wedding ring ideas

10. Heidi Klum

Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum was touched when Seal her boyfriend proposed to her. That singer gave a luxurious and expensive ring for Klum. The ring is a diamond ring weighing 10 carats that valued at $ 1.5 million. The rings are given by Seal when both celebrating Christmas together in 2004 On May 10, 2005. Then Seal and Heidi got married in Mexico.

Heidi Klum wedding ring

Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum With 10 Carats Diamond Wedding Ring

For each person, the wedding is a very important moment for everyone without exception including the celebrities. Related with status as a public figure, whatever the celebrity done often gets the spotlight. Any matters relating to the life of a celebrity to be something interesting to know, including the luxurious and the fantastic prices of celebrity wedding rings.

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